Download CFE Media's Apps for Engineers to your mobile device

Apps for Engineers is an “app of apps” that is available on both the App Store and the Android Marketplace. It contains links to nearly 150 iOS and 90 Android mobile applications created by a number of companies that Engineers across all three of our markets will find useful.

Apps for Engineers is loaded with various calculators, catalogs, file viewers, measurement tools, and more. Version 1 of Apps for Engineers will allow the user to sort by “Category” or “Type,” navigate to a list of apps under each of these menus, view an app profile for each, and link to either the App Store or Android Marketplace to download the app. The app is designed so engineers can review, rate, and post comments about the apps they downloaded within the app itself.

If you’d like to submit an app for inclusion in version 2 of Apps for Engineers, send an e-mail with screenshots, specs, a description, and links to the App Store and/or Android Marketplace to pbrouch(at)

To download the iOS version of Apps for Engineers, click here.

To download the Android version of Apps for Engineers, click here.