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Apps for Engineers is an “app of apps” that is available on both the App Store and the Android Marketplace. It contains links to roughly 60 different mobile applications created by a number of companies that Engineers across all three of our markets will find useful.

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raphael sebastien

Wednesday, 02-01-13 12:27

I would like to get the engineering toolkit app


Ahmed Almadani

Thursday, 13-12-12 10:33

I would like to have one


Dhananjay Lagwankar

Tuesday, 04-12-12 01:32

Tried the app.


Jacob Mendelovici

Monday, 03-12-12 18:22

The wire size is a useful app on the field for a quick calculation. However, for a pro calcluation there are much more parameters to take into account, for example: Continuous/Noncontinuous load, Harmonics, Number of Current-Carrying conductors , OCP, Equipment Grounding Conductor, Type of Occupancy, Area, Demand Factors, Branch, Feeder or Service, etc. Does the app contemplate these factors?
Thank you


Michael Brezovic

Tuesday, 06-11-12 13:35

Thanks for the Help!


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