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How a PC-based control system is an option for every application

As automation technology accelerates in the industry, PC-based control is an option for every... » more

Controller and engineering package for streamlining language programs

Siemens' CPU 1518 ODK advanced controller and Simatic ODK 1500S engineering package are designed to... » more

Hot topics in Control Engineering for 2016, 2017

Think Again: Control Engineering readers choose hot topics of 2016, and that online traffic points... » more

Top 5 Control Engineering articles January 2-8: Control panel design, achieving operational excellence, 2016 SI Giants, more

Articles about good control panel design, achieving operational excellence, the 2016 System... » more

Robots' impact on global economy projected to increase

An aging population and a slowly developing labor pool will produce a greater demand for robots,... » more

Collaborative robots are a growing solution for system integrators

As the robotics industry is experiencing growth, realizing best practices from experienced robot... » more

How to select a system integrator

CSIA experts advise setting benchmarks and following key steps to make the right decision for an... » more

You say you want a revolution?

System integration is going through many changes and the 2016 Global System Integrator Report is... » more

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Controller and engineering package for streamlining language programs

Siemens' CPU 1518 ODK advanced controller and Simatic ODK 1500S engineering package are designed to streamline the configuration and functionality of high-level language programs, including C/CC++. » more

Data acquisition and control system modules for industrial applications

Dataforth’s MAQ-DIV20/MAQ-DIVC20 and the MAQ20-DODC20SK data acquisition and control system modules are designed for a wide range of industrial applications and include features such as continuous field input/output (I/O)... » more

HMI PLCs for small- and medium-sized machines

Turck's TX500 human-machine interface (HMI) programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are designed for machines whose processes have to be controlled, displayed and operated locally. » more

2017 Engineers' Choice Finalists

The official ballot is open for voting for Control Engineering North American print and digital edition subscribers, until Dec. 21. » more

Extended deadline, last day: Engineers' Choice Awards

Get significant exposure for automation-related products while letting Control Engineering subscribers review the finalists. Enter today, Aug. 12, the last day of the extended deadline for the 2017 Engineers' Choice Awards.

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Real World Engineering Blog

Principles for more effective automation

Programming is a big portion of process control and following... » more

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Pump Control Video Series

Pump Control: Introduction

The U.S. alone has 32 million motors and about...

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