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Top 5 Control Engineering articles, September 28 to October 4: Leaders under 40, automation software changes, SCADA systems, more

Articles about the Leaders Under 40, mechatronics and machine design, LNG transport technologies,... » more

Mechatronics simplifies machine design

Mechatronics reduces inefficiency, errors, and unnecessary expense by breaking down traditional... » more

IO module with embedded cyber security

Bedrock Automation's 10-channel Secure Universal I/O Module, SIOU.10, combines functionality of... » more

Upgrading secondary control systems

Companies are considering upgrades for primary process control systems, but upgrades for secondary... » more

Journey to the center of the plant: SCADA systems and the big picture

Part 1: Having a clear understanding of how process information is flowing through an automation... » more

Changes in automation software licenses, upgrades

Software upgrades: Industrial software users should take advantage of new features and innovations... » more

Switching power supply selection pointers

The linear power supplies of the past are being replaced with today’s switching type that are... » more

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Panel PC with flat screen has 4GB memory

Advantech's TPC-1751T is a 17-in. flat screen panel PC with I/O ports designed to operate in a wide range of applications. It includes 4GB DDR3L SDRAM memory and can be used with a variety of Microsoft Windows operating systems... » more

Motion control system is low cost and plug and play

Optimal Engineering Systems’ Sonata series is a low cost, plug-and-play, stand-alone solution for motion control applications up to 3 axes. » more

Robotic application software module

Lenze's Fast application robot programming module for kinematics and multi-axis coordination.  » more

Browser-based barcode reading interface

Mircoscan’s MicroHawk WebLink interface features a configuration utility for barcode reader setup and control in industrial settings.  » more

IO module with embedded cyber security

Bedrock Automation's 10-channel Secure Universal I/O Module, SIOU.10, combines functionality of multiple I/O module types into a single, software programmable module while delivering embedded digital and physical cyber security. » more

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Document for better project

Is project documentation an afterthought? Does the documentation... » more

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Pump Control Video Series

Pump Control: Introduction

The U.S. alone has 32 million motors and about...

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