System Integrator Giants

The System Integrator Giants program (SI Giants) lists the top 100 system integrators among companies listed in the CFE Media Global System Integrator Database, ranked solely on total system integration revenue. The in-depth analysis of these firms appears in the December issue and reveals what's going on in the industry and how it has changed over the past few years.

The 2015 System Integrator Giants have been announced—Read about them using the links below.

CFE Media will begin accepting entries for the 2016 System Integrator Giants program on June 1, 2016. To enter the 2016 program, your company must have a complete, valid listing within the Global System Integrator Database. Additional information for the 2016 program will be asked of all interested parties within the Database beginning June 1, 2016, and will only be accessible by logging into the Database to update your company's profile.

2015 System Integrator Giants

2014 System Integrator Giants

2013 System Integrator Giants

2012 System Integrator Giants

If you have any questions about the System Integrator Giants program, please contact Bailey Rice at or
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