Sealevel Systems releases Windows XP serial driver


Liberty, S.C . - Sealevel Systems announced June 11 the release of its enhanced Microsoft Windows XP advanced SeaCOM serial driver.

SeaCOM provides support for advanced UARTs, and Auto RS-485 RTS control. The advanced UART tab allows detailed control of UART features not available in the standard Windows COM driver. Auto RS-485 RTS control is also included for users needing RTS 2-wire RS-485 control. SeaCOM retains the same straightforward API (Application Programmer Interface) as the standard Windows COM driver, allowing developers to concentrate on the details of the application as opposed to low-level driver development. Application development is supported by popular development packages such as Visual C++, Visual Basic, and Delphi.

A testing application, WinSSD, is also included, providing a port information tab allowing access to port settings as well as showing any errors that may occur during testing. There is a loop-back test to be used with the loop-back connector provided with all Sealevel serial products. A Bit Rate Error Test, (BERT), for verifying COM: port performance. BERT can be used in a loopback or point-to-point test configuration. BERT tracks bit errors and sync losses while displaying transmit and receive frame counts, the number of bytes verified, and driver error statistics. The Terminal application supports asynchronous binary and text file transfers. WinSSD also shows modem control line status for easy monitoring of control lines.

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Gary A. Mintchell, senior editor

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