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Defense in depth with Eric Byres

Eric Byres, P. Eng., of Byres Security Inc., talks to Peter Welander about defense in depth for control system cyber security.

Byres talks about the challenges of finding time for busy control engineers to deal with security issues, and how they can harden control systems against malware and intrusions. Recorded at PCSF, Atlanta, March 2007. (The timing is 9:32.)

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Cyber security projects at Idaho National Labs

A group of cyber security experts from Idaho National Labs (Fred Cowart, Marty Edwards, Gary Finco, Jeffrey Hahn, Trent Nelson, and Jeff Tebbe, plus Mark Fabro from Lofty Perch) talk to Peter Welander about their projects promoting critical infrastructure protection (CIP) and plant-level control system security.

This extensive discussion includes their Control System Cyber Security Self-Assessment Tool, the developing Procurement Language, and a unique hands-on network security training class. Click here to visit the DHS Website, (The timing is 24:28.)

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Update on cyber security standards development

Bryan Singer, (CISM, CISSP, FluidIQs Inc.) talks to Peter Welander about the work of the ISA 99 committee as they develop the Industrial Automation and Control System Security Standard.

Singer, chairman of the committee, explains where the standard is now and where they’re headed as this important document takes shape. He puts the discussion in the context of current security thinking and practice for control system operators. Recorded at the PCSF, Atlanta, 2007. (The timing is 20:35.)

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Real-life accounts of FOUNDATION Fieldbus installations

A group of end users talk to Bill Tatum, marketing manager, Fieldbus F OUNDATION , and Peter Welander about their experiences using fieldbus architecture in their plants.

  • Mike Miller and Ray Price of Duke Energy, Carolinas discuss fieldbus upgrades to the most heavily operated nuclear power plants in the U.S.

  • Herman Storey of Shell Global Solutions reflects on their long experience as early users.

  • John Rezabek of ISP Chemicals discusses practical benefits for day-to-day operation.

Recorded at the Fieldbus F OUNDATION General Assembly in Houston, February, 2007. (The timing is 20:15.)

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Rockwell and E+H Team Up for Process Industry Push

Rick Dolezal, process business development manager for Rockwell Automation, and Peter Rippen, director of strategic alliances for Endress+Hauser, talk to Peter Welander about their collaboration to expand market share in North American process industries.

The combination of Rockwell's automation products with E+H's extensive instrumentation lines is a natural partnership as both companies work to create synergy in the competitive process industry market. Recorded at the ARC Collaborative Manufacturing Strategies Forum, February, 2007. (The timing is 21.44.)

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Siemens' Strategy for Manufacturing Automation

John Cusimano, strategic marketing manager for Siemens Process Automation Systems, talks to Peter Welander about the changing landscape of process and discrete manufacturing.

Siemens is positioning itself through internal changes and acquisitions, to support the growing blending of process and discrete, to help companies realize the benefits of improved safety systems, and develop niche markets through local partnering. Recorded at the ARC Collaborative Manufacturing Strategies Forum, February, 2007. (The timing is 19:56.)

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Invensys Partnering for Increased Manufacturing Integration

Peter Martin of Invensys Process Systems and Mark Davidson of Wonderware talk to Peter Welander about their new collaboration with SAP to create their Real Time Production Execution and Real Time Finance software package.

This collaboration has produced a package that Invensys says can bridge critical gaps between shop floor and enterprise levels to provide critical operational and accounting data in real time. The results can support analysis to help optimize processes quickly and accurately. Recorded at the ARC Collaborative Manufacturing Strategies Forum, February, 2007. (The timing is 22:45.)

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A holistic approach to process optimization and emissions control

Honeywell Europe's Paul Brice talks to Peter Welander about their offerings for process design, simulation, optimization, and emissions control using Honeywell's suite of capabilities with UOP, Aspen and HPS services.

Combining all these capabilities gives Honeywell a wide range of services, both for greenfield and legacy sites, as operators look for new ways to optimize processes, reduce energy consumption and emissions. Recorded at the EMEA User's Group in Seville, Spain, November, 2006. (The timing is 17:15.)

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Migration in motion: Making a legacy plant a technology showcase

Tom Williams from Honeywell Specialty Materials Group talks to Peter Welander about their strategy and progress, as they make a legacy process plant into a technology showcase.

The former Allied Signal site in Geismar, LA, is halfway through its migration, and they would like to show you what they've done to make it a factory of the future. Recorded at the EMEA User's Group in Seville, Spain, November 2006.(The timing is 18:41.)

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Honeywell EMEA User Group Podcast: New Technologies for Creative Process Engineers

Honeywell Process Systems' Dan Sheflin and Brian Chapman discuss their new control and wireless technologies with Peter Welander, Control Engineering process industries editor. Recorded in Seville, Spain, November 14, 2006.
The timing is 21:27.

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