Control Engineering launches new online Resource Center

Oak Brook, IL—To help engineering professionals improve productivity, reduce costs, and advance their careers, Control Engineering has launched its new online Resource Center.


Oak Brook, IL— To help engineering professionals improve productivity, reduce costs, and advance their careers, Control Engineering has launched its new online Resource Center . Packed with unique, applicable content, the Web-based center allows subscribers to customize data for their specific control, automation and instrumentation needs. Updates are constantly made to the Resource Center to give its subscribers the latest news and advancements.

The Resource Center’s main components include searchable databases, research studies, how-to articles, training eBooks, and special services for the center’s subscribers.

Searchable databases
Career Data Control Engineering research with 1,376 control and automation engineers and other technical professionals, this database can help you gain a greater understanding of your career and growth potential.

Customer Service Data is searchable by vendor, product and industry. Users can gauge readers' satisfaction with specific vendors and products. Based on data compiled from more than 1,400 Control Engineering subscribers, it provides 2,034 responses about their satisfaction levels with 92 manufacturers across 16 product categories.

Purchasing Data is searchable by product, functionality, region and industry. Users can learn what control and automation purchases are being made in the current economic environment. Query the database by industry, vendor, and product for specific application needs, and to identify purchasing trends. This searchable data is based on more than 900 Control Engineering subscriber responses in 2004.

Research studies
Monthly Product Focus studies are available, detailing specific product trends in the automation, control, instrumentation, and other areas. Each month Control Engineering will post a new, complete research study focusing on a product category bought by numerous subscribers. Each Product Focus study is based on at least 100 engineering respondents gathered, compiled, analyzed by Reed Research Group.

Industry Research is provided by ARC Advisory Group at a discount specific to Resource Center subscribers.

How-to articles
Engineers regularly request “how-to” articles from their peers about specific applications, tutorials, and white papers. This section includes content posted to the Resource Center, and will be updated monthly with new articles and papers for Resource Center subscribers.

Training eBooks
Every month Control Engineering will release a new eBook for its Resource Center subscribers focusing on topics in demand by engineers. The first eBook will consist of Back to Basics articles published in 2000-01. This eBook and others are designed to aid quick training in basic control, automation and instrumentation concepts. In May 2004, the center will release Back to Basics 2002-03. In June 2004, the center will feature a PID eBook.

In addition, the center will launch a training section, which will identify free training in the industry, and provide periodic discounts on training specials for Resource Center subscribers.

Subscriber service
We want to hear what our Resource Center subscribers are doing in regard to specific technology applications and projects. If you would like to submit ideas, or papers for publishing on the Resource Center, please email , or go to ' submit application articles ' at the Resource Center.

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