Wrist-worn PC said to ‘revolutionize’ computer use


Information Control

Zypad wrist-worn computer from Eurotech can read barcodes and process data on the spot, eliminating the need to transfer information to another computer for processing.

Amaro (Udine), Italy — A wrist-worn computer from Eurotech reportedly promises to “revolutionize the way millions of people work.” Zypad combines circuit miniaturization, a range of hardware functions, optimized power consumption, and ergonomic criteria in a unit that weighs around 290 g. Its manufacturer, a company dedicated to the research, development, production, and marketing of miniature computers (nano PCs) and high-processing-capacity computers, says in the long term the tiny device “could become a day-to-day object as common as the mobile phone or the palmtop.”

“The idea behind the wrist-worn computer project,” says Roberto Siagri, Eurotech president and CEO, “was to leave the user’s hands free. Zypad will let users work with a network connection without being tied to a fixed position. These wearable computers will give us a new freedom of movement, radically changing the way we work, and for the better.”

The primary target for the product presently are those working in hostile environments, but the computer could be used in a wide range of situations where “hand-free” and “always-on” are important, such as medical situations and logistics applications. Making such a product involved overcoming sizable challenges, says the company, including factors of weight, wearability, and screen size. The device makes use of a touchscreen and navigation keys. Voice-recognition is under development.

—Control Engineering Daily News Desk

Jeanine Katzel , senior editor

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