Global conference: Wonderware ‘breaking down barriers to operational excellence’

Las Vegas, NV – Wonderware kicked off the North American installment of WonderWorld on Tuesday, Oct. 23. The 10-city, globe-trotting event is designed to provide an in-depth look at the latest in controls, information intelligence, and human machine interfaces (HMI); showcase some of Wonderware’s innovative Certified Systems Integrators; and, in conjunction with ISA, offer a series of educational courses for automation professionals.


Las Vegas, NV


Systems Integrators; and, in conjunction with ISA, offer a series of educational courses for automation professionals.

Held at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, the theme for this year’s event is breaking down barriers to operational excellence… a theme which is embodied by the release of Wonderware’s InTouch 10.0 and System Platform 3.0.

An industry in transition
Dr. Peter Martin, vice president of performance management at Invensys , offered an insightful yet sobering view of the evolution of today’s industrial markets.

“During the 1980s, executives of industrial organizations viewed their primary role as balancing the needs of shareholders, suppliers, customers and employees,” stated Dr. Martin. “Today, shareholders and the board of directors have more power and input than ever before and, as a result, executives are under greater pressure to drive rapid change, show immediate return on investments and improve overall production agility.”

In fact, during his keynote address, Dr. Martin revealed that some 27% of newly-minted CEOs of industrial organizations lost their jobs within 12 months of taking office. This pressure to deliver immediate results, combined with rapid technological advances during the past decade, has led to an interesting market dynamic: the consolidation of IT and Automation teams into a single entity or, at the very least, into two departments who now need to be in lock-step with each other when purchasing and implementing new solutions.

According to Dr. Martin, technology is no longer a limiting factor. “Islands of information” have given way to “islands of people” and the challenge today is to break down the barriers between different stakeholders within an industrial organization and facilitate the open flow of real-time information throughout the plant and enterprise.

Transforming “data” into “information”
Through the development and introduction of InTouch 10.0 and System Platform 3.0, it is clear that Wonderware has embraced the notion of transforming individuals into “knowledge workers.” The combined solutions form the foundation of an automation infrastructure which is aimed squarely at addressing the needs of today’s marketplace head-on, namely: facilitating standardization, enhancing collaboration, reducing total cost of ownership and increasing agility.

However, as the company continues to evolve and introduce new solutions designed to drive innovation within industrial organizations, Wonderware also takes a keen interest in ensuring that current users can leverage more advanced functionality without the need to “rip-and-replace” current automation systems.

“With over 450,000 software licenses in over 100,000 plants worldwide, we have a substantial installed base to protect,” stated Wonderware president, Mike Bradley, Sr. “As a result, we invested a substantial amount of time and resources in testing InTouch 10.0 to ensure backward compatibility and‘bulletproof’ performance for our existing customers.”

Wonderware provides more information about the WonderWorld event and its latest products .

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