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Application Whitelisting: Safeguard Against Zero Day Intrusions

This whitepaper discusses application whitelisting, one of the latest tools offered to enhance a "defense in depth" security strategy. With increasing numbers of attempted intrusions, cautionary tales of security breaches and the potential for resulting damages at your site, application whitelisting can be an important addition to your overall security arsenal.

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Strides in Automation – Streamlining the Factory Floor

In the last 150 years, factories have gone from totally manual operations with each work station operated by a single worker, to fully automated and integrated processes that can sometimes be operated "lights out."

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Seven Common KPIs for Production Monitoring

This white paper, presented by Red Lion Controls, discusses how visual management can drive productivity by leveraging seven common Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for production line monitoring.

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Light up the visual factory

Creating a Visual Factory using appropriate lighting is an often overlooked way to decrease waste, increase productivity, increase product quality and improve employee satisfaction in your manufacturing environment.

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