Early Education

Bridging the racial gap in STEM education

Early education, parenting, and industry support: More than 500 children and parents, mostly from... » more

Survey shows engineering as the highest paying field for recent college graduates

PayScale’s 2015-2016 college report indicates that of the top 15 majors based on early career pay,... » more

The best engineering fields to enter after graduating college

Before committing to a college education, aspiring engineering students should research the field... » more

Advanced manufacturing and technology center opens in North Carolina

The Bosch Rexroth Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Center at the Olympic Community of Schools... » more

Diverse cyber security work force must have technical expertise, flair for problem-solving

Attacks on government, corporate, and individual computers have exposed the vulnerabilities of an... » more

Dr. James Duderstadt: Engaging parents in early math and science education helps cultivate future engineers

According to Dr. James Duderstadt, president emeritus and university professor of science and... » more

Fail on your way to a satisfying engineering career

Think Again: Youth, especially girls, need extra encouragement in science, technology, engineering,... » more

STEM education for kids from underrepresented communities

The Chicago Pre-College Science & Engineering Program (ChiS&E), an innovative STEM program serving... » more

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Bridging the racial gap in STEM education

Early education, parenting, and industry support: More than 500 children and parents, mostly from African American and Latin American communities in the Chicago area, attended the 2015 ChiS&E orientation at the University of... » more

Designing HMIs: For the big screen or a phone?

What should your first impulse be: Shall we create our operator screens for massive displays or with a smart phone in mind? Video: What does “mobility first” mean? » more

Where should the cloud connection take place?

As we look to the future and the IIoT, many system architecture and connectivity questions are emerging. Video: Darek Kominek considers where users might want to draw the line between local control and where the cloud connection... » more

IIoT video: See on-machine sensor values in real time via Apple iPad

In an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) demonstration using a mountain bike tricked out with sensors and instrumentation, ThingWorx, a PTC business, revealed how an operator might see an industrial machine’s metrics in real... » more

Four tips on automation and control integration

Think Again: Spend money on the right things, hire the right people, develop a common infrastructure, be nimble or die: these were among best bits of advice from the 2015 CSIA Executive Conference. See related video: "Redesign... » more


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Six IIoT, Industry 4.0 key findings

Respondents to the Control Engineering 2015 Industrial Internet of... » more

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Part 1 of the Motors and Drives Series describes...

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