Control Engineering Newsletter Survey

Question 1 *

Do you reside in the United States (including US territories and APO/FPO)?

Question 2 *

In which of the following industries is your company involved? (check ALL that apply)

Food, Beverage or Tobacco
Textiles or Apparel
Wood, Paper or Printing
Petroleum or Refining
Plastics or Rubber
Primary or Fabricated Metals
Industrial Machinery
Alternative Energy Equipment, incl. Solar, Wind Power
Engine, Turbine, Mechanical or Electrical Power Transmission Equipment
Computer Systems or Peripherals
Communication Systems or Equipment
Consumer Electronics or Appliances
Semiconductors or Other Electronics Components
Industrial Controls, Test or Medical Equipment
Instrumentation, Measurement or Control Systems or Devices
Electrical Equipment
Aircraft, Aerospace or Defense
Automotive or Transportation
Other Manufacturing
Mining, Agriculture or Construction
Utilities or Telecommunications
Engineering or System Integration Services
Scientific or Research Services
Information, Data Processing or Software Services
Consulting, Business or Technical Services
Government or Military
Other Non-Manufacturing
Question 3 *

What is your primary job function?

Process, Production or Manufacturing Engineering
System or Product Design, Control or Instrument Engineering
System Integration or Consulting
Other Engineering, incl. Evaluation, QC, Standards, Reliability, Test, Project, Software, Plant, Electrical, Mechanical or Electronic Engineering
General or Corporate Management
Operations or Maintenance
Question 4 *

Which of the following products or systems are you involved in the purchase or specification of? (select ALL that apply)

Single-Loop Controllers, Regulators or Data Recorders
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) or Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs)
Human Machine Interface (HMI) Hardware, Operator Interface (OI), Control Panels, Alarms, Annunciators, Data Acquisition Equipment or Data Recorders
Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
Computers, Industrial PCs (IPCs) or PC-based Control
Embedded Systems, Embedded Components or Single-board Computers (SBCs)
Software (HMI, SCADA, MES, Batch, Historian, Design, Other)
Process Control Platforms (DCS)
Analytical Instruments, Test or Calibration Equipment
Process Sensors or Transmitters (incl. Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Level)
Valves, Actuators or Positioners
Discrete Sensors (incl. Proximity, Photoelectric, Position)
Machine Vision Systems or Vision Sensors
Motion Control Systems, Robots or Robotics
Motors or Drives (incl. Starters, Motor Protection Devices)
Field I/O Infrastructure or I/O Systems
Wired Networking Hardware, Ethernet Switches, Cordsets, Connectors, Wire or Cable
Relays, Switches or Timers
Power Distribution Systems or Power Protection Systems
Power Supplies or Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
Safety for Process or Machine Systems
Wireless Infrastructure, Wireless Field Devices or Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs)
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Bar Code Readers or Laser Scanners
None of the Above
Question 5

Do you provide system integration or engineering services to manufacturing organizations?

Question 6

How many people work at your location?

Question 7

Are you responsible for managing or reducing energy use for a line, process, or facility?

Question 8

Do you design, build or install machines for resale to other companies?

Question 9

Do you design, build or install machines for use within your company?

Question 10

Which publications do you receive? (check ALL that apply)

Automation World
Control Design
None of the above
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