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Simplifying drive-based and controller-based automation

Powerful drive- and controller-based innovations for kinematic application development and... » more

Secure the first mile for IIoT

Securing the first mile for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) requires users to connect data... » more

Considerations when automating a task for a project

Automating tasks can improve quality and reduce the time required to complete projects, but certain... » more

Optimize manufacturing value in real time

If you have the engineering resources and the business commitment to improve your value-add to the... » more

Design cybersecurity plan for an automation project from the beginning

In the future, automation environments will need a cybersecurity plan designed from the beginning,... » more

Develop a process to make informed decisions with Big Data

Big Data can help synthesize information and provide users with the exact data they need to make... » more

Drive nuts provide linear motion in machine design applications

Amacoil's Uhing Model RS drive nuts are designed to provide smooth backlash-free linear motion in... » more

PID and digital control efficiencies

Most proportional-integral-derivative (PID) applications use digital controllers, though some still... » more

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Remote IO modules with EtherNet/IP

Moxa's ioLogik E1200 line of remote input/output (I/O) modules features support for EtherNet/IP and a restful API and are available with a wide range of input and output types. » more

App for improving transparency in commissioning projects

Maverick Technologies' eStart is an app designed to make commissioning more efficient and transparent by digitally gathering data and creating loop folders to house all relevant instrument data and checksheets. » more

Data logger with field removable IO modules

Watlow's D4T with Intuition is a data logger that features field removable input/output (I/O) modules for design flexibility.  » more

Data storage solution for severe environments

Kaman Precision Products' Model 9740 Complete Data Storage Solution is ideal for use in severe environments such as military settings as well as other aerospace and industrial settings. » more

Software for batch application solutions

Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk Batch software is designed to enhances scalability and responsive control of distributed, skid-level phases with the integrity of plant-level coordination with built-in mobility. » more


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Microsoft Windows XP Embedded ends extended support

Ask Control Engineering: Extended support for Microsoft Windows XP... » more

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Your orthodontic appliance may have been 3D printed

Creating unique items to satisfy medical... » more

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