Industrial Ethernet Best Practices: CEU Exam

You will receive 1 learning unit/0.1 CEU upon successful completion of this following exam on the Industrial Ethernet Best Practices webcast.

You must get 9 of 12 questions correct to pass the exam. You may retake the exam if necessary. You will be notified whether you passed or failed automatically after taking the exam. Upon passing the exam, a hardcopy certificate will be mailed within 30 days to you at the address you provide below.


1.According to IMS Research (IHS), in 2011, there were: * More nodes of Ethernet for industrial applications than fieldbus nodes.
Roughly equal number of Ethernet for industrial applications and fieldbus nodes.
About three times as many fieldbus nodes as Ethernet nodes for industrial applications.
None of the above.
2.According to IMS Research (IHS), in 2011: * Ethernet nodes installed for industrial use were about evenly split between Ethernet TCP/IP and industrial Ethernet protocols (variants).
Ethernet nodes installed for industrial applications overwhelmingly used Ethernet TCP/IP.
Ethernet nodes installed for industrial applications overwhelmingly used industrial Ethernet protocols (variants).
One industrial Ethernet protocol dominates all others in new nodes installed.
3.The term “Fast Ethernet” applies to which of the following? * 10 Mbps
100 Mbps
1000 Mbps
10,000 Mbps
All of the above
4.Which of the following does the term “SFP Transceiver” not apply to? * Switch
Multi-mode fiber
Single-mode fiber
Twisted pair (Copper)
5.“Jitter” is caused by which of the following? * Switch utilization
Complete loss of data
Intermittent loss of data
Unicast data transmissions
Multicast data transmissions
6.The term “Redundant Star” applies to which of the following? * Protocol
Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
Virtual LAN (VLAN)
7.The term “Industrial Ethernet” applies to which of the following? * Security Zones
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Ingress Protection Rating (IP)
Area Classification
All of the above
8.When is Cat-6a cable required for Ethernet communications? * 10 Gb Ethernet requires Cat-6a
100 MB Ethernet requires Cat-6a
1 Gb Ethernet requires Cat-6a
10 Gb Ethernet and 100 MB Ethernet both require Cat-6a
9.Why should you use fiber cable instead of copper cable? * Distances over 100m (328ft)
Noisy environments
Electrical isolation (building-to-building connections)
All of the above
Only distances over 100m (328ft) and noisy environments
10.Should both ends of a shielded twisted-pair Ethernet Channel be grounded? * Yes; it is best way to prevent a ground loop
No; it could cause a ground loop
It depends on the number of nodes
Neither end needs grounding; that’s why it’s shielded
11.What is the telecommunications standard for Industrial Premises? * ISO 500001
IEC 61131-3
UL 508A
12.What is the farthest distance 100 Mbps Ethernet can travel over a multimode cable? * 1 mile
2 miles
1 kilometer
2 kilometers
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