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Changing the Face of Industrial HMI

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 12 p.m. ET/11 a.m. CT/9 a.m. PT

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Recently, industrial HMI has undergone significant technological developments. Wide-screen and multi-touch innovations will not only change the face of traditional HMIs but also enable HMIs to be used in an increasingly diverse range of markets. Through this webcast participants will learn about the benefits and possible issues of the next generation HMIs; emerging opportunities and how they'll affect different parts of the industry. Ideas will be presented from a leading editor, an HMI platform provider, and an end user so that you can get a clear picture of what the new face of industrial HMI looks like and how you can take advantage of the new developments.

Learning objectives for this webcast are to understand:

  • From smart phones to multi-touch HMI
  • Benefits and possible issues of multi-touch panels
  • How multi-touch panels will impact HMI platform (SW/HW) providers, system integrators and end users
  • Consideration factors for designing the right HMI solution: New application scenario, operator experience, new graphical user interface, innovative panel platforms
  • What HMI solutions will be available in the future


-- Jonney Chang, Director of Advantech, Industrial Automation Group

Jonney Chang is a director of IAG, Industrial Automation Group, and is mainly responsible for the HMI (Human Machine Interface) sector of IAG including the business sections of Operator Panels, Control Panels, Thin-Client Panels and Industrial Monitors. He also led the department of Industrial HMI to be twice awarded the laurel (TPC & SPC) of 2013 iF Product Design Award in Germany and the team has become the first department to be awarded since Advantech was founded 30 years ago. Jonney joined Advantech in 2005 and has concentrated on the product development and business operations of Industrial HMI. The department of Industrial HMI he led also achieved a brilliant double growth within four years. He also volunteered to become a mentor of TiC100. Hosted by the Advantech Cultural & Education Foundation, the TiC100 is a contest for students for innovation & business start-ups. Through mutual learning & brainstorming with students, he controlled the synergy of cooperation and developed innovative product fulfilling the needs of market, and accumulated experience of global business operation.

Peter Welander, Content Manager and Moderator, Control Engineering

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