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lloT for Engineers will be covering the following topics in the March issue:

Steam problem solved with pervasive sensing
Being able to monitor steam traps and easily process the data helped a European chemical company reduce costs. A PC application obtains data, analyzes it for equipment problems, diagnoses those problems and informs maintenance personnel, all without involving the main control system. It's what's called computing at the edge.

IIoT sensing and devices supplier listing
Analytics don't happen without data, and in the industrial enterprise low-cost sensing and innovative devices are the means for capturing it. What kinds of sensors and devices are being introduced as relevant to improved reliability and achieve optimization? This listing will include suppliers that say their solutions will prove impactful to industrial projects and the Internet of Things.

Big data in the energy industry
Concepts like the Cloud, IIoT, machine learning and Big Data are now part of the common parlance related to industrial projects. Yet experience shows industrial software applications must be industry-specific, whether for discrete manufacturing, such as automotive, or for process production in the food or chemical industries. The first in a series of industry-specific articles looks at big data analytics in the energy industries.

Portable instrumentation has a purpose in the IIoT era
Most 2nd tier manufacturing processes don't yet involve condition monitoring. If it was involved, it would be easier for those responsible to resolve persistent and intermittent equipment failures. Instrumentation that connects the field to the cloud via productive work flows leads to good result will bring monitoring benefits to 2nd tier equipment.

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The 2017 Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Webcast Series*

Webcast One: Get your head into the cloud
Thursday, April 13, 2019

Automation technologies are converging with information technologies. To handle growing volumes of data generated by IIoT-enabled devices, companies will need powerful data processing capability. Cloud-based environments transform how process-automation projects are engineered and instantiated, replacing client/server. This Webcast focuses on how emergent IIoT technologies change the way process and automation engineers execute projects and sustain productivity in today's, and tomorrow's, cyber-physical world.

Webcast Two: Take sensing and control to the edge
Thursday, June 8, 2017

Put computing power at the process edge, where measurements happen, and aggregate the results in the cloud. With ubiquitous, low-cost sensing, you can condition-monitor not just high-priced machines and equipment, but also plant substructures like steam traps and vents. Connected assets and rich data do more than give a hint of impending failure. It's a way to better understand how a process works, and thereby optimize its results. This Webcast will focus on how better sensing leads to big data, and how in future, process control will be found—at the process.

Webcast Three: IIoT transforms predictive maintenance
Thursday, August 24, 2017

Manufacturers exploiting the latest IIoT industrial-connectivity and analytics advances are melding operations and maintenance data to spot trends that lead managers to contextualized, actionable insights. At the same time, they are building the plant-floor technology infrastructure of the future. Connecting complex machinery and equipment to operations and enterprise systems enables machine learning, predictive maintenance and secure monitor and alarm. IIoT addresses significant integration challenges posed by the unique data types generated by the many kinds of machinery and equipment found in plant environments, from CNC machines to robotics.

Webcast Four: How IIoT helps cyber-security efforts
Thursday, October 19, 2017

Cyber-security is a threat to enterprises large and small, at risk of being attacked from unexpected sources both inside and outside the enterprise. IIoT can reduce the cyber-security risks inherent in legacy automation, instrumentation, equipment, and devices. The Industrial Internet Consortium has released a technical report for an industrial Internet security framework. The intent is to give all interested parties, including device makers, application developers, systems integrators and executives the guidance needed to deploy IIoT systems with best practices built in. The report will be the starting point for this Webcast presentation and discussion.

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