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Oil & Gas Engineering will be covering the following topics in the December issue:

2016 Offshore research report:
Oil & Gas Engineering and Trelleborg conducted an industry study on offshore oil issues. It is a comprehensive look at where we're at, and where the industry is headed into 2017.

Utilizing tablet technologies
The majority of engineering fieldwork is still done the old-fashioned way with paper drawings, pencils and highlighters. However, there are certain projects that present challenges using this traditional method. We'll look at the use of wireless tablets and database technologies on a large

Microbial control programs impact on oil and gas production
With an increasing number of wells sitting idle before production, it is more important than ever to optimize microbial control throughout the lifecycle of oil and gas operations. The longer a well sits idle, the higher the risk of contamination, making the microbial control program decision of the drilling and completion engineers even more important. As demand increases and more idle wells are completed and begin producing, production engineers could be faced with soured hydrocarbons and corroded assets.

Overlooked control systems can differentiate success from failure
Companies spend exorbitant amounts of money investigating growth. Considerations are giving for the real estate, infrastructure, personnel, and existing contracts involved. Often overlooked are the control systems involved in these mergers and expansions. Control systems are critical components of these facilities, and the failure to properly understand and account for them can result in high costs and philosophical compromises.

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December 2016 IIoT for Engineers Special Edition*

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) -- as a means to secure connectivity and contextualized intelligence – adds value in the worlds of process automation, enterprise-assets management and industrial-IT-based business operations.

Cover Story: IIoT marks a path forward for industrial automation
In recent years, the biggest challenge to continuing productivity growth in industrial environments was the resistance of the installed base of legacy systems to efforts aimed at enterprise integration. IIoT, by embracing advances in smart objects, mobility and the cloud, overcomes these challenges. Moreover, like SCADA, IIoT constitutes a toolbox, allowing engineers to implement solutions "from the bottom up." This multi-source feature article will look at what kinds of things are being done and in what industries.

IIoT platform and toolbox solutions
For anyone researching technology or software solutions, simply searching on the web can be a frustrating experience. The IIoT supplier chart will help bring clarity to a clouded situation by succinctly summarizing the approach of some of the best platform and other-type IIoT suppliers.

How IIoT changes SCADA
Supervisory control and data acquisition, or SCADA, is a paradigm of industrial computing. This article will succinctly describe with the help of graphic illustrations, how IIoT changes SCADA for the better by vastly increasing data available to users and allowing for data analytics application.

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