Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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Save Money and Time with the new SITOP LOGO! Power Supply
Now 25%-50% (18mm) narrower with diagnostics, the reduced size will save you money by decreasing the footprint in cabinets and panels. Available July 2017.
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A Power Supply with Flexible Mounting
Save time with simple output current measurement without interrupting the process with the new SITOP LOGO! Power. Flexible mounting – wall or DIN rail mounting. Available July 2017.
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A Narrower Power Supply to do More with Less
Reduced width will allow you to do more with less. The new SITOP LOGO! Power supplies are 25% to 50% narrower than the prior version. Available July 2017. Contact your local distributor.
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High Energy Efficiency up to 90%
The new SITOP LOGO! Power with high energy efficiency is available in July 2017. Efficiency levels up to 90% over the entire power range and no-load losses below 0.3 W.
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Comprehensive Spectrum from 5-24 V
New SITOP LOGO! Power Supply. Flexible mounting. DIN rail or wall mounting positions. Stabilized power supplies 5 V, 12 V, 15 V and 24 V up to 100 watts. Available July 2017.
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Operational Reliability with New SITOP LOGO! Power
Problem-free connection of loads with high inrush currents thanks to power reserves when starting up as well as constant current in the event of overload.
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