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Level control combines transmitter and controller Excalibur 7000 functions as both a smart level transmitter and PID controller.


Level control combines transmitter and controller

Excalibur 7000 functions as both a smart level transmitter and PID controller. It features built-in PID control with auto-tune, which eliminates offset while providing accuracy and stability. PFM technology digitally transmits up to a mile using economical twisted-pair wire, which requires no coaxial cable. A simple menu with digital display guides the user through setup and calibration.

Robertshaw Industrial Products Div.

Circle 371


Combine oscilloscope and PC in one unit

Ultima 500 combines the acquisition power of a high-performance, four-channel digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) with the flexibility and features of a PC. It simplifies data handling by effortlessly moving from capture to report in one compact unit. A unique dual mode interface combines the look and feel of both DSO and PC in a single integrated operating system.

Gould Instrument Systems

Circle 372


Portable light uses pneumatic power

Coppus pneumatic safety lamp is compressed air operated. This versatile, explosion-proof product provides lighting in a wide range of hazardous locations. The turbine generator that produces the 250-W light has its speed held constant by a differential pressure switch. Uni-directional valves prevent infiltration of gases inside the lamp.

Tuthill Energy Systems

Circle 373


Boom lift carries two workers

Model 28EVM boom lift with a vertical, telescoping mast takes one or two workers to a platform height of 29 ft. Key features include a 39-in. width, 10-1/2-ft reach over obstructions, 360-deg rotation, and 550-lb lift capacity. Platform size is 27-1/2 in.x39 in. Maximum battery-powered drive speed is 2.5 mph.

Mayville Engineering Co.

Circle 374


Gearmotor control mounts on motor

Movimot offers cost-effective, integrated control for gearmotors from 0.5-5 hp. The compact drive control is mounted directly on the motor, saving valuable enclosure space, reducing complicated wiring, and simplifying installation and maintenance. Sensorless vector control provides very tight speed regulation and torque response.


Circle 375


Tapping fluid is environmentally safe

SafeTap Plus tapping fluid is free of hazardous substances, including 1,1,1-trichloroethane, a major contributor to the depletion of the ozone layer. It is formulated from a blend of water-based synthetic additives containing no mineral oils, and is designed for high machining performance on all metals.

ITW Fluid Products Group

Circle 376


Scaffold sets up easily

Aluminum scaffolds offer a 10-yr warranty, are lightweight for easy transport, and the V-X base is 91/2-in. wide. Units roll on heavy-duty casters and store easily. Uses include outside, inside, over obstacles, and in stairwells.

Horizon High Reach, UpRight Scaffolds Div.

Circle 377


UPS system cuts size

Pulsar Ellipse UPS line offers affordable backup power for PCs and workstations in packages 50% smaller and lighter than other designs. They are available in power ratings from 300-1200 VA. Advanced features include built-in surge suppression, data line protection, USB or serial communications, extended battery life, user replaceable batteries, and power management software.

MGE UPS Systems, Inc.

Circle 378


Air dryer improves energy savings

Cirrus compressed air refrigeration dryers significantly reduce the energy used to remove impurities from compressed air and prevent corrosion, machinery failure, and product spoilage. Up to 50% less R407c refrigerant is used to produce air quality to ISO 8753.1 Class 1.4.1. Smaller and lighter than equivalent dryers, simple construction of the refrigerant circuit gives high efficiency and reliability.

domnick hunter, inc.

Circle 379


Pneumatic conveyor moves materials gently

Low velocity dense phase sanitary conveying system gently and efficiently transports dry bulk materials that are fragile and easily segregated. A liquid ring vacuum pump draws a deep vacuum at a low velocity, moving the materials at the same slow velocity. Air is percolated, causing phases, which move large volumes of materials in gentle wave motions.

Prab, Inc., Hapman Conveyors Div.

Circle 380


Motors meet NEMA standard for inverter types

Inverter drive and vector drive motors meet or exceed the complete requirements of NEMA Standard MG1-1998, Part 31 for "Definite-Purpose Inverter-Fed Polyphase Motors." Features include TENV ratings through 20 hp, TEBC ratings through 800 hp, and washdown duty motors through 10 hp.

Baldor Electric Co.

Circle 381


Dust collector follows changing environments

Vantage V+Environmental Module is a flexible dust collector designed to improve air quality in areas limited by space or changing production requirements. The unit's modular design allows it to be moved easily, as well as work inside a broad range of wall configurations, such as welding curtains. Maintenance is made easier because the filter cartridge can be changed from either end.

Champion Laboratories, Inc.

Circle 382


Forklift features ac power

The 7FB is the industry's first electric forklift that combines the benefits of ac power and the System of Active Stability (SAS). With ac power, the unit's performance rivals most IC units. SAS technology actively monitors and controls the movements of the forklift to help prevent tipping.

Toyota Industrial Equipment

Circle 383


Acrylic coatings cure fast

Series 28 & 29 Tufcryl waterborne acrylic products are alternatives to alkyd products because of their superior color and gloss retention. Advantages include fast cure time for rapid recoating, application versatility, and dry-fall properties.

Tnemec Co., Inc.

Circle 384


Welding generator uses dual power

PipePro 304 welding machine with dual power is the world's first diesel engine-driven welding machine that also operates independently of the engine, using 230-V, single or three-phase electric power. Combining an engine drive with an electrically-powered unit eliminates the need to duplicate equipment and reduces operator training on multiple welding machines.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

Circle 385


Safety switch prevents machine restarts

Sensing-Saf-Start prevents small machines from restarting after a power interruption. After power has been restored, the device will not reset until the machine switch has been turned off.

jds Products, Inc.

Circle 386


Grease pump delivers exact amounts

Spray injector grease system uses the patented PurgeX metering method to deliver an exact amount of grease. A stay-put flexible hose directs the spray. The meters can be operated in any position. The metering method eliminates vapor lock and no priming is necessary.

Oil-Rite Corp.

Circle 387


Valves are versatile

Two-way and three-way, quarter-turn, stainless valves with T-clamp ends are suitable for sanitary service, and threaded ends are used for utility service. Butterfly valves with food grade seats and a full line of pneumatic and electric actuators can be washed down. Ball valves come in sizes from 2-4 in., and butterfly valves from 2-12 in. Options include cavity fillers, polished internals, and all stainless actuators.

DynaQuip Controls

Circle 388


Spill container is code compliant

Gator spill containment caddy is the ideal choice for managing 30 or 55-gal. drums of hazardous chemicals. Polyethylene construction is compatible with and resistant to most chemicals. The one-piece body eliminates leaks. Large 10-in. wheels roll easily, while large, rounded handles offer a firm, comfortable grip. Open-view sump design facilitates quick, simple cleanup.


Circle 389


Protect columns with attachments

Column Sentry 12S-FE is designed for applications where the installation of a standard sentry would cover critical, items such as fire extinguishers. A cutout gives the added benefit of protection to whatever is mounted on the column. The product can be combined with a standard sentry to create custom-fit solutions on one side of a column.

Sentry Protection Products

Circle 390


Door repositions with touch of a button

Model 355 rapid-roll door transparent curtain material-incorporated in vertical strips that extend nearly from top-to-bottom-provides see-through visibility. SRDR2 repair feature allows the door to break away on impact without damage and be restored instantly at the touch of a button.

Albany Intl.

Circle 391

Speed reducers cover most applications

Power-Match plus line of parallel-shaft, right-angle, and hollow-bore speed reducers serve heavy-duty applications. Features include: torque ratings from 16,000[en]11,000,000 in./lb in 25 frame sizes, ratio range from single reduction 1:1 to quadruple reduction 657:1, Class 12 AGMA gearing for low noise and vibration levels, and a standard 2-yr warranty.

Emerson Power Transmission

Circle 392


Product handles harsh environments

NEMA 4X remote workstation has a slim, hose-down, stainless steel enclosure that houses a 15 or 18.1-in. TFT active matrix LCD display with a touch screen and card for transmitting and receiving digital video and data, via fiber-optic cable to and from a remotely located computer. The operator interface system is suitable for harsh operating environments.

Touch Controls, Inc.

Circle 393


Smart filter displays system conditions

Communicator III is a fully digital filtration system indicator that integrates easily into the control system. The digital display shows either the actual, real-time system pressure or the actual pressure drop of the system, and easily toggles back and forth. It signals when the pressure drop is too great and the filter needs attention. A 4-20-mA signal starts the filter change sequence.

Rosedale Products, Inc.

Circle 394


Power meter reports and analyzes findings

The 7600 ION three-phase, digital power meter combines unique reporting functions with advanced analysis capabilities. The meter uses expanded measurement capabilities such as flicker and fast transient detection down to 65

Power Measurement, Ltd.

Circle 395


Duct pressure transmitter cuts costs

Series 676 duct pressure transmitter reduces installation time and eliminates the need for expensive control panels. The CE-approved, multi-range transmitter uses a micro-machined glass-on-silicon capacitance sensor to provide a fully conditioned, highly accurate


Dwyer instruments, Inc.

Circle 396


Impeller increases efficiency

TEK centrifugal impeller incorporates the compound curves and varying thicknesses necessary to achieve aerodynamic perfection. and is no longer limited to shapes that can be formed from flat pieces of steel. The marriage of precision injection molding techniques with high strength plastics results in an impeller stronger than steel, but less than half the weight. They are available in cw, ccw, and double width with matching inlet cones.

Continental Fan Mfg., Inc.

Circle 397


Topcoat has low odor

Aquaclad water-based alkyd topcoat offers the storage and safety advantages of a waterborne coating coupled with outstanding exterior performance properties. The low-VOC, HAPS-free, and low odor topcoat is non-flammable, environmentally friendly, and cleans up with water. The one-component, acrylic-modified alkyd can be applied with brush, roller, or spray; and dries quickly to a high gloss.

The Sherman-Williams Co.

Circle 398


Condition monitor covers entire plants

Watchman DCX Online Intelligent Condition Monitoring System checks 4-4080 physical inputs and unlimited process and machine state information from a wide variety of plant and building control systems. The core of the operating system allows simultaneous data acquisition, intelligent automated diagnostics, access to its SQL database server, dynamic machine condition website administration, and more.

Predict Technologies Div.

DLI Engineering Div.

Circle 399


Abrasive tapes deburr hard-to-reach surfaces

Flat abrasive tapes are fully impregnated with aluminum oxide or silicon carbide and are reasonably stiff, yet flexible enough to reach around intricate machined, drilled, or punched openings. The tapes come in 1/16-1/4-in. widths on 50-ft spools, can be cut to length using shears, and do not tear or fray. Round abrasive cords in sizes from 0.012-0.15-in. OD are also available.

E.C. Mitchell Co., Inc.

Circle 400


Flat panel monitor has bright graphics

The XVME-3015 is a flat panel industrial monitor for plant floor VMEbus system applications. The high-resolution display is in a 19-in. rack-mountable enclosure with optional analog resistive touchscreen. A bright, 15-in. TFT XGA color display screen supports resolutions up to 1024x768 at 75 Hz, providing a larger effective display equivalent to a 17-in. CRT.

Xycom Automation, Inc.

Circle 401


Glove has built-in wrist support

ProFlex 9012 full-finger, anti-vibration glove with built-in wrist support effectively absorbs vibration and limits wrist flexion for improved comfort, safety, and OSHA compliance. The glove is made with a special polymer located in the palm, fingers, and thumb, and on the side palm, for added protection when the hand is in a closed position to absorb shock and impact.


Circle 402


Slotted shim kit covers wide range

Mega Kit slotted shim kit features a complete range of precision slotted shim sizes and thicknesses in stainless steel and Sof Shoe materials. The shims provide a solution to daily maintenance challenges of alignment and leveling of motors, pumps, and other plant equipment. The safety tab and hole design eliminates the need to place hands under machinery.

Precision Brand Products, Inc.

Circle 403


Cleaner removes welding pollutants

Portable source capture air cleaners and exhauster arms remove smoke, dust, and fumes at the source. Air cleaners feature externally supported source capture arms, allowing portable cleaning in tight spaces. Arms are available in a wide variety of lengths and feature motorized movement for quick, easy, and precise positioning.

Micro Air

Circle 404


Dome camera rotates up to 360 deg

Vari-View dome cameras feature a vari-focal lens that provides fields of view ranging from 3-6 mm and rotation to a full 360 deg.

CCTV Corp.

Circle 405

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