Norgren announces several motion control advances

Norgren officials recently shared insight about the company’s capabilities during its "Norgren Motion Commotion" 2004 press tour.


Norgren officials recently shared insight about the company’s capabilities during its "Norgren Motion Commotion" 2004 press tour.

Applications for Norgren motion and fluid control technologies frequently involve integrated or modular combinations of actuator, control valve, and air preparation technologies. Norgren combines the brands of Herion, Buschjost, KIP, and Webber for the handling of air, water, oil and other fluids. Products (sampling of the latest follows) include solenoid valves, click-on piston or diaphragm valves, and motorized and dust filter valves. Norgren actuation solutions include high speed, low friction, precision guiding, high temperature, low noise, miniature and heavy-duty options for rotary actuators, grippers, linear slide units, and Lintra rodless cylinder technology. Norgren also recently began offering a "multi position airless cylinder" (linear motor) for electric drive applications.

33D Series solid-state pressure switch has all stainless-steel wetted parts to provide compatibility with a wide variety of fluids.

Recently introduced products include: Pressure switches
Norgren Herion 33D Series solid-state pressure switches reportedly deliver highly reliable switching combined with long life, typically 100 million cycles. Featuring a compact and robust design, the series is ideal for deployment in many industrial applications. The series is available in electromechanical and electronic variants, and can be used in pneumatic and hydraulic environments. Operating pressure is specified at 0.5-232 psi for the pneumatic version and 0-9,000 psi for the hydraulic/all-fluid models. The 33D Series features programmable delays, LED status indication, tamper protection, and an IP65-rated M12 connector.

Norgren now offers a modular distributed I/O system, the FD67.

Modular, distributed I/O pneumatic system
Norgren FD67 distributed I/O system works with fieldbus networks for packaging, assembly, material handling and general machine-building industries. Modular design allows placement in the heart of the machine, close to sensors and actuators, as opposed to concentrated in a control cabinet. The system is connected by one hybrid cable for supply and communication. Shorter I/O lines to sensors and actuators reduce cabling and cut down on installation costs and time. Encapsulated electronics and IP67 rating makes the system suitable for washdown environments and resilient to shock and vibration. Elimination of separate input and output modules means free parameterization of the two signals on each plug position. FD67 allows a standard machine design around one I/O system, independent from the controls and fieldbus. If the end-user requires a different fieldbus, the machine builder need only change the bus coupler, without modifications to the I/O periphery. Linear slide tables
Appropriate applications include transportation of loads over short distances, such as pick and place, fluid dispensing, and product testing machines. Available in compact, precision, low profile, synchronous and adjustable formats, the new linear slides offer quicker and easier load attachment to reduce labor costs and process changeover times. Slide tables are available with maximum stroke lengths of 30-150 mm. Port sizes are 6-32 mm. Rotary vane pneumatic actuators
Featuring single- or double-vane construction, rotary actuators offer 90°, 180°, and 270° fixed rotation angles and are suitable for deployment in pneumatic applications that require rotation, overturning, swinging, and twisting actions. Manufactured from specifically selected materials for long life/low friction, rotary-vane actuators work with filtered, lubricated, or non-lubricated compressed air. They have a double-acting buffer cushioning, operate from 29-145 psi and 41 to 140 °F.

Multi position airless cylinder (linear motor).

Multi-position airless cylinder (linear motor)
With capability to move loads of approximately 22 lb (11 kg) the multi-position airless cylinder operates at very high speeds and is fully programmable to deliver high stroke accuracies. The cylinder is suited for applications that require high speeds combined with multiple position operation, such as high-speed insertion equipment in the packaging and semiconductor manufacturing sector; automatic test/inspection; printing; and medical industries. It can store multiple stroke end points, each with its own defined speed, acceleration, and force parameters—and positions can be programmed anywhere in the stroke range.


The system can be run in different modes: using a programmable controller’s I/O modules or from an optional fieldbus connection. For set-up and testing the multi-position airless cylinder can automatically run a stored program. Movement is produced by the interaction of two magnetic fields, one field from permanent magnets in the slider and the second field produced by electric current in the motor windings located in the stator. Desired positions are entered using a laptop or by "teaching" the unit (moving it by hand and remembering the position). Guiding system information (weight, friction, motor parameters) is entered once and stored under a "module description."

VS18/VS26 pneumatic valve series
VS Series of plug-in, sub-base valves offer high flow, long life and I/O capabilities for the packaging, paper and printing, materials handling, machine tools, and the automotive industries. The system uses two spool technologies: Glandless spool and sleeve valve features high operational figures of 200 million cycles, and soft seal spool valve delivers exceptionally high flow rates.

VS Series accommodates Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, CANopen, Interbus-S, AS-interface, and Rockwell Automation A-B RIO. System sub-base integrates the required electronics making the valve island size the same for fieldbus and multipole. VS Series has three port options (ISOG, NPTF and built-in push-in-fittings) and features an ISO 15407-2 valve interface. Accommodating two-valve size ranges with flow rates from 550-650 liter/min (18-mm width) and 1,000-1,350 l/min (26-mm width), VS series has sandwich-plate accessories, such as pressure regulators, flow controls, single valve shut-off plates, intermediate supply, and exhaust modules. It has IP65, NEMA 4, CE, ATEX, and UL 429 approvals and two supply voltages (24 V dc and 115 V ac). Available from one to 16 valves, once installed, VS System can be configured in the field to match changes.

Quick-connect motion and fluid control valve
Q2 quick-connect plastic body valve features a unique quick-connect concept so the valve that can be rapidly assembled into a motion- or fluid-control circuit, reducing installation times and related costs. The valve has been designed to be durable and lightweight and to deliver minimal pressure drops. Models are available with pressure ratings from 5 to120 psi, and the devices can operate in environments that require ambient temperatures of–10 to 100 °F.

Configurable, compact valve island
VM10 valve island boasts a flow rate of 430 l/min, reportedly the highest available for any valve with a 10-mm width. With 260 different valve options available, multiple wiring options including 2-20 individually wired stations, 4-16 multipole stations, 4-16 fieldbus stations, seven fieldbus protocols, multi-pressure options and six port sizes from 3 to 6 mm (1/8 to 1/4-in.), customers can choose from 7 million configurations. Sleek, compact design allows the valve island to fit easily on any machine. Integrated push-in fittings on VM10 reduce component count as well as reduce installation cost by minimizing assembly time. VM10 has LEDs and clear labeling, with pneumatic symbols and a code for each valve slice, and is available with integral checked exhaust non-return valves and a choice of four manual override options.

Valve island configuration software
Customers can configure their valves using Norgren’s free software package available online or on CD. Once customers have configured their valve island, a line diagram is instantly available online showing the size envelope needed. Using Norgren’s free online CAD service, customers can also access and download 2-D and 3-D model drawings of their valve island.

Pneumatic press safety valves
Safety valves designed for pneumatic presses and applicable for other safety functions are said to be inherently fail safe without residual pressure and offers dynamic self-monitoring. Designated as XSz series, the valves offer a double valve control system, which ensures that the operating port exhausts once the valve has been deactivated. Cross-channel flow feature ensures a dynamic pneumatic monitor and a safety exhaust without residual pressure in case the valve malfunctions. Typical uses include pneumatic clutch and brake systems and the units conform to the majority of standards including BG, OHSA, CSA, SUWA, and EN 692.

—Mark T. Hoske, editor-in-chief, Control Engineering,

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