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Pillow block suited for air handlers

Air Handling Ball Bearing Unit has a 360-degree contact, concentric locking collar that reduces noise, vibration, and fretting corrosion. This provides long bearing life and permits the use of commercial grade shafting. A built-in torque indicator shows when the bearing is mounted concentrically with the correct internal clearance.


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Burner has low emission levels

Envirojet ultra-low NOx burner meets today's demanding emission requirements while maximizing operating efficiency. Features include: low emission levels without the extra equipment common to RFG systems, no complex combustion controls, reduced operating costs, various mounting options, easy maintenance, and reduced noise levels.

Peabody Engineering

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Leak standard is calibrated

RSC R134a refrigerant leak standard is calibrated with NIST-Traceable calibration and is used with sniffer-type leak detectors. The lifetime supply of R134a will not require adjustment or refilling. It features a permeation-type leak element that is not susceptible to plugging problems. The temperature coefficient is 0.6% per deg F.

Vacuum Technology, Inc.

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Gas probe has five functions

GasProbe is five instruments in one: combustion gas analyzer, gas appliance tester, ambient air monitor, draft indicator, and temperature thermometer. The unit provides real-time readings of O 2, CO, CO 2 , CO/CO 2 ratio, and stack air temperature. It calculates combustion efficiency for five fuels, natural gas, LPG, light oil, heavy oil, and solids.

BW Technologies, Ltd.

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Soft start compressors

MCI-C is a motor starter specifically built for the HVACR industry to give fast and reliable starts while reducing compressor starting current up to 40%. The damaging effects of surges and high starting torque are eliminated, even without pressure equalization. The starters can be used with any control voltage from 24 to 480 V, both ac and dc, and automatically adapt to 50 or 60 Hz.

Danfoss, Inc.

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Air filter fits in diffuser

Breathe Easy air filtering system clips under supply diffusers, onto a T-bar, in less than a minute and filters air entering or leaving a room. The filter is made of multidensity Dacron fiber treated with an antimicrobial chemical, virtually destroying 86.5% of bacteria and microorganisms on contact. The filter captures pollutants as small as 1 micron and lasts 4 to 8 months.

International Diversified Marketing

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Steam traps handle high flows

JL9X and JLH9X series 2-in. float and thermostatic traps are for high-capacity process or heating equipment applications up to 40,000 lb/hr and 450 psig. These durable traps are inline repairable to provide maintenance savings. Excellent reliability is ensured by the use of stainless steel internals and heat-treat-hardened valve surfaces.

TLV Corp.

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Pumps have extended life

Peerless 8196 Performer Series ANSI process pumps have a vapor blocking isolator that protects bearings from contamination, the main reason for power end failure. Other features include: an enlarged oil sump, stuffing boxes that meet the latest ANSI specifications, improved cooling capacity to extend seal life, and an open impeller.

Sterling Fluid Systems (USA), Inc.

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Pump handles high-pressure service

Model 3355 is a multistage pump designed for flows up to 1500 gpm and heads up to 1640 ft. Standard operating pressures are up to 800 psig. Design simplicity makes the pump ideal for users concerned with performance and life cycle costs. Modular design ensures that hydraulic upgrades are accomplished easily. Minimal inventory is required to support maintenance.

ITT Industries

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Air dryer comes as complete package

Optima LX Series heatless desiccant compressed air dryer is a complete package with outstanding features such as a maintenance-free shuttle valve, high-efficiency coalescing prefilter, and particulate removal afterfilter. The optional -100 F dewpoint package provides ultra-dry air required for critical compressed air applications.

General Pneumatics pneumatics

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Purifiers deliver breathable air

DelMonox Breathing Air Purifiers have a range from 8 to 920 scfm and remove particulates, oil, moisture, tastes, odors, and carbon monoxide from untreated compressed air.


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Bag catches leaks

Pig Pipe Leak Diverter is a flexible, hanging vinyl funnel designed to divert pipe leaks to containers or floor drains. The bag's heavy, 18-oz., coated vinyl construction enables it to capture up to 7 gal. of water.

New Pig Corp.

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Labeling tool for installers

ID PAL is an affordable, professional-quality thermal transfer labeling tool that is useful in a variety of applications including labels for any smooth/flat, curved (including wire and cable), textured, or highly textured surfaces. The top-loading cartridge, built-in cutter, and auto shutoff reduce time and material waste for installers.

Brady Worldwide, Inc.

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Point eliminates static sling

Ionizing Point delivers a high concentration of positive and negative ions to neutralize static electricity. The device incorporates a stainless steel emitter that removes a static charge when mounted within several inches of the charged surface. The unit fits into a 7/8-in. diameter hole.

Exair Corp.

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Water sampler is portable

Portable Sampler can be conveniently used to monitor any point within the steam and water cycle of a boiler room or power plant. Mounted on a rugged hand truck, the unit can be taken to any location within a plant to monitor the condition of a sample in real time. Features include sample isolation and blowdown valves, gear pump with external relief valve, and flowmeters.

Waters Equipment Co.

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Software views piping in 3D

I-View is a 3D pipe visualization tool capable of handling single or multiple pipes from any 3D plant design system supporting ISOGEN. Even piping files from different systems can be viewed as a single model. This module provides I-Sketch users with the ability to view pipes in true scale and to visually clash check the piping system.

Alias Limited

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Pallet truck has combination pump operation

Deluxe Series pallet truck offers enhanced standard features and optional dual handle and foot operation. The dual handle and foot controls offer quick and safe lifting of a variety of cumbersome items. The foot control makes the truck ideal for use in constricted areas where the use of a standard handle pump may be difficult or impossible.

Wesco Industrial Products, Inc.

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Small door fits tight spaces

SUPERCOMPACT high-speed door takes interior doorway access to the next level. The door also makes rapid room access beneficial for foot traffic, push carts, pallet jacks, and light forklifts.

Dynaco USA, Inc.

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Data acquisition

OMR Series module is an intelligent data acquisition and control device designed for data acquisition systems based on PCs and other process based equipment with standard RS-232 serial I/O ports. The modules communicate using two-wire RS-485 communications.

Omega Engineering, Inc.

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