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A guide to energy savings Super-E premium efficient motors will be identified with an "EnergyGuide" label. Similar to the yellow tags used on home appliances, the label informs electric motor buyers of the energy savings and dollar savings they can achieve from installing these motors. Electricity accounts for over 97% of the lifetime cost of an industrial motor.


A guide to energy savings

Super-E premium efficient motors will be identified with an "EnergyGuide" label. Similar to the yellow tags used on home appliances, the label informs electric motor buyers of the energy savings and dollar savings they can achieve from installing these motors. Electricity accounts for over 97% of the lifetime cost of an industrial motor. Purchase price, installation, and repair cost less than 3%.

Baldor Electric Co.

Circle 251

Steam trap quick change

QuickTrap two-bolt, stainless steel, strainer connector enables steam trap replacement in minutes without disturbing piping, and can be installed in pipe work at any angle. This combination of quick replacement and inline repairable traps significantly lowers maintenance costs and minimizes system downtime. The connector is recommended for use with traps on steam main drainage, tracers, and light process applications.

TLV Corp.

Circle 252

Keep a cool coil

Bulletin #1C is a handbook designed to assist in coil replacement. It is meant to be used by plant engineers and HVAC engineers to help in diagnosing why a coil failed and what has to be done to properly replace the coil. Replacement coils must match both in performance and size. This handbook provides a step-by-step procedure to duplicate an existing coil.

USA Coil & Air

Circle 253

Give a forklift a ride

Model 1012 forklift trailer has a 6-ft x 12-ft deck and a 10,000-lb carrying capacity. The deck remains level as it lowers flat on the ground to allow a forklift or other low clearance equipment to be driven on. The trailer deck can be raised hydraulically in 15-sec. The chassis encases the wheels, eliminating the need for fenders, while also holding the quadraspring suspension.

Premco Products, Inc.

Circle 254

Make a marker

MaxiSoft PipeMarker Pro can produce pipe markers and tags on demand using a computer, printer, and special media. A user-friendly, Windows-based program creates hundreds of predefined pipe, valve, and tag markers that meet current OSHA regulations and ANSI standards. Users can customize any marker or tag to fit specific requirements. The ability to print standard and custom pipe markers saves time and money.

K-Sun Corp.

Circle 255

How dry I am

How to Dry Compressed Air is a free, 20-p booklet that describes and illustrates types of compressed air drying equipment, guidelines for selecting the correct equipment for a particular application, and other helpful information. Compressed air dryers reduce downtime, extend equipment life, improve quality, and decrease rejects for higher product and process yields. Request Bulletin 520.

General Pneumatics

Circle 256

Give it a twist

YS Series Twister nozzle is described in a full-color brochure featuring complete product specifications. The nozzle has a high flow rate, high-powered, full- cone spray, and uses low pressure. The low-pressure power is ideal for blasting away residue in washing and rinsing tanks, as well as in gas cooling and chemical processing. The brass nozzle has an anticlog design.

BEX Spray Nozzles

Circle 257

Refill the spill kit

Spill Kit refills contain absorbent pads, SOCs, pillows, goggles, nitrile gloves, and disposal bags. The size and number of each item varies according to the size of the intended spill response. Refills are available in Oil Only for oil and petroleum-based spills, Allwick for oil, water-based, and chemical spills, and Hazwik for aggressive liquid and hazardous materials spills.

Sorbent Products Co., Inc.

Circle 258

Know your electric heater

OMEGALUX Complete Electric Heaters Handbook and Encyclopedia offers equipment for thousands of industrial electric heating and temperature control applications. Over 1000 color pages present heating cables, strip, cartridge, tubular, immersion, specialty, and band heaters. Temperature-related products include controllers, meters, recorders, sensors, and infrared products. There are over 80-pp of technical information.

Omega Engineering, Inc.

Circle 259

Warranty MRO equipment

TripleGuard extended warranty is the first extended warranty in the MRO market for industrial equipment. The extended warranty takes effect after the standard 1-yr warranty to provide a total of three-years of product protection against defects in materials and workmanship. It provides a solution to better control of expenses by eliminating unexpected, out-of-budget repair and replacement costs. Warranties for eligible products cost between $5 and $495.

W.W. Grainger, Inc.

Circle 260

Weld, grind, cut protection

A free Guide to Safety Products for Welding, Grinding, and Cutting reviews potential safety problems related to metalworking jobs and includes helpful information for addressing these issues. The guide provides an easy-to-use, five-step process for building a positive pressure respirator system for welding applications, as well as a respirator selection guide based on types of welding contaminants.


Circle 261

Don't fall for this

A video titled, "Gravity Kills-Defy It" uses dynamic video footage of drop tests, on-screen graphics, and animation to convey the information workers need to know about the importance of fall protection. Other areas presented include equipment inspection, correct use of equipment, and the five components of a fall protection program. These include a site survey, written plan, instruction, selection, and training.

Dalloz Fall Protection

Circle 262

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