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Automation group launches trade association in Mexico

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) announced that it is forming a not-for-profit trade... » more

How can system integrators help with IIoT adoption?

Helping manufacturers put IIoT into practice. » more

IIoT deployment: How quickly is it coming?

How quickly do you see IIoT being adopted in manufacturing? How quickly should it be adopted? » more

System integration: What is the state of the industry?

Right now, the system integration business continues to grow in importance to manufacturers looking... » more

Human capital defines the future of system integrators

System integrators need to learn how to transform and acquire new talent that understands the “fail... » more

Using FEED for a successful batch implementation

Batch implementation projects are much more likely to be successful when a thorough front end... » more

How to select a system integrator

CSIA experts advise setting benchmarks and following key steps to make the right decision for an... » more

You say you want a revolution?

System integration is going through many changes and the 2016 Global System Integrator Report is... » more

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Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers for overcurrent protection

Phoenix Contact's HMC series of hydraulic-magnetic 120 Vac circuit breakers are designed for use in Class I, Division 2 applications for accurate power switching and reliable overcurrent protection.  » more

Junction blocks for harsh manufacturing conditions

Mencom's Junction Blocks feature a wide range of circuit configurations and are designed to endure high-impact and vibration so that a reliable connection is consistently provided on the harsh manufacturing floor.

Connector series, hood components for larger diameter cables

Harting's Han 3A size connectors now can be assembled with cable diameters as large as M25, which allows the connectors to be configured with any contact insert in the series, including those with higher rated current and bigger... » more

Fiber optic microswitch for medical and industrial applications

Micronor's MR386 ZapFREE fiber optic microswitch is designed to meet the challenging requirements of MRI, medical and industrial applications and it provides EMI and RFI immunity, isolation from high voltage and lightning, and...

External power supplies for medical, industrial applications

The TDK-Lambda medical and ITE certified DTM300-D external power supplies are designed for medical, industrial, and test and measurement applications. » more


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Global System Integrator Database

Global System Integrator Database

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Real World Engineering Blog

Principles for more effective automation

Programming is a big portion of process control... » more

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