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Data analytics for manufacturing business

Interview with Jagannath Rao, President at Siemens Customer Services Division, at Hannover Messe. » more

Legal plan for members of system integration group

The Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) announced that every CSIA member, beginning April... » more

It's all about the outputs

Inputs are nice to look at, but if you're not turning on outputs, you're not doing anything. » more

Modern control valves offer communications, diagnostics

Better designs, modern materials, on-board intelligence, and communications in modern pneumatic... » more

System integration: Best practices and technologies to help

Cover story: System integrators are able to provide expert advice and bring value from a financial... » more

Top 5 Control Engineering articles, April 25 to May 1: Hannover Messe, energy savings, Internet of Energy platform, more

Articles about Hannover Messe 2016, motor-driven system energy savings, Internet of Energy... » more

Researchers develop cheaper nanoscrolls with graphene alternative

Researchers at MIT and Harvard have created perfect nanoscrolls from graphene’s imperfect form,... » more

IoT to IoAT: Internet of Autonomous Things devices provides solutions

Future Internet of Autonomous Things (IoAT) devices will utilize knowledge-enhanced electronic... » more

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Converter for harsh and extreme environments

Weidmuller's connectPower Pro dc/dc Converter is designed for the process, transportation and machinery industries and is ideal for use in earth-free power systems, such as battery backup systems in hazardous location... » more

Die-cast aluminum boxes for harsh conditions

Bud Industries' AN-A Series of enclosures are IP68-rated boxes designed for housing sensitive equipment in hazardous, dusty, and washdown factory environments, as well as in wet outdoor locations. » more

Hannover Fair: LED lighting enclosures

Rittal's LED lighting is designed to replace fluorescent lighting and features motion sensing capabilities and a swivel option to change the direction of the light depending on lighting needs. » more

Hannover Fair: Enclosure air conditioner with hybrid system

Rittal's Blue e+ series of enclosure air conditioners for the U.S. market feature a hybrid system that uses active and passive cooling technologies. The active cooling system operates using a traditional compressor-based unit. » more

Uninterruptible power supply for hazardous locations

Phoenix Contact's Quint UPS-IQ 500 VA AC uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an industrial control cabinet that has received UL 1778 Recognition and is certified for Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations.  » more


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It's all about the outputs

Inputs are nice to look at, but if you're not... » more

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