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Manufacturers using Big Data to navigate today's business climate

A recent survey of 200 manufacturing executives found that more companies are relying on Big Data... » more

Configuration tool for documents industrial control system components

Schneider Electric's Prometheus is a configuration tool for defining, programming and documenting... » more

Safety is a key aspect of the IIoT

While safety is sometimes maligned as anti-production, it still has a crucial role to play with the... » more

Industrial software platform for HMI, SCADA applications

Schneider Electric's Wonderware InTouch Omni is an industrial software platform designed for beta... » more

Infrastructure-as-a-service for HMI and SCADA applications

Schneider Electric's Wonderware Online InStudio is an infrastructure-as-a-service designed to... » more

Industrial security appliance for plant-floor systems

The Allen-Bradley Stratix 5950 security appliance from Rockwell Automation is designed to... » more

Controlling the Smart Grid

Think again about electricity flow: How is the U.S. Grid Modernization Initiative progressing? Read... » more

Power supplies for measuring and communication applications

Power Sources Unlimited's AE Series (800, 1500 and 3000 W) and AEK Series (3000W) of power supplies... » more

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Power supplies for measuring and communication applications

Power Sources Unlimited's AE Series (800, 1500 and 3000 W) and AEK Series (3000W) of power supplies are designed for applications such as include factory automation, off-site test and measurement and communications equipment. » more

Three-phase transformers for indoor and outdoor use

AutomationDirect’s Acme Electric’s dry-type encapsulated 3-phase transformers and are useful for dust or lint-laden atmospheres and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. » more

2017 Engineers' Choice Finalists

The official ballot is open for voting for Control Engineering North American print and digital edition subscribers, until Dec. 21. » more

Electric converter for harsh conditons

Traco Power's TEL 8WI series of isolated dc/dc converters are designed for harsh conditions in applications such as instrumentation, information technology (IT) and industrial electronics. » more

Portable cords for electrical power connections

AutomationDirect’s Type SOOW and SJOOW flexible power cables feature multiple conductors used for electrical power connections requiring flexibility and resistance to many environmental factors.  » more


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Global System Integrator Database

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Real World Engineering Blog

Making an integration project both pretty and...

Presentation sometimes takes a backseat in the... » more

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