125th Anniversary for business operations at Boston Gear

By Control Engineering Staff June 14, 2002

Quincy, Mass. – Just 101 years after the founding of the U.S. as a nation, a company called Boston Gear opened for business in Charlestown, Mass. That locale was not far from where “revolutionary events” of a century earlier took place. In the ensuing 125 years since 1877, this innovative supplier of power transmission components has steadily widened its products and services.

Boston Gear issued its first product catalog in 1892, followed by continuing product additions and innovations. Among them are a wide range of ac and dc motor controllers, motors, and accessories; fluid power components; modular worm-gear speed reducers, said to be the first in the industry; in-line helical and right-angle helical/bevel-gear speed reducers; and other gearing and coupling products. Bearings, brakes, clutches, meters, motion control equipment, and sensors round out the current product line.

In 1996, Boston Gear became part of the Colfax Power Transmission Group (PTG, Quincy, Mass.), which includes Warner Electric Industrial Products (South Beloit, Ill.) and Fincor Electronics (York, Pa.), among others.

Charles W. Nims, president of Colfax PTG remarked on the company’s many programs that complement the various product offerings, for example, on-time delivery and quality service. “The trust we have developed with our distribution partners and customers is a strong bond and one that only longevity in the marketplace can build,” he says.

This year, Boston Gear celebrates its 125th anniversary, an enviable record in this era of constant change.

Control Engineering News Desk
Frank J. Bartos, executive editor