1st IP65 single-phase switching power supply

By Control Engineering Staff September 1, 2005
Automation Systems Interconnect introduced its IP65 Single Phase Switching Power Supply.

Automation Systems Interconnect (ASI) Inc. says its new IP65 Single Phase Switching Power Supply has a sealed aluminum enclosure to withstand many environmental conditions that would halt most power supplies, including spraying or splashing water. ASI said at the time of release, this is the first power supply of its kind available.

The power supply is UL listed and suited to direct mounting onto the machinery frame, as it does not require any protective enclosure to guarantee safety and environmental protection. This feature makes it ideal for applications where machinery is sprayed down at the end of the day, a common practice in many food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. It also has 90-264 V ac/110-300 V dc input voltage and continuous current of 5 A at 45

—Mark T. Hoske, editor-in-chief, Control Engineering, MHoske@cfemedia.com