2001-01 Buyer’s Guide

Several errors were included in the Control Engineering 2000-01 Buyer's Guide:

By Staff October 1, 2000

Several errors were included in the Control Engineering 2000-01 Buyer’s Guide:

  • p.136, listed an incorrect phone number for Data Translation. The correct phone number is 1-800-525-8528.

  • p.144, listed an incorrect address for GSE Systems. The correct address is 9189 Red Brand Rd., Columbia, MD, 21045. The listing should also include the following: phone: 410-772-3500; fax: 410-772-3611; e-mail: virtualcontrol@gses.com ; web site: www.gses.com or www.whatisvirtualplant.com .

  • p.146, listed an old URL for HTM Electronics. The amended URL is www.htm-sensors.com .

  • p.153, listed incorrect e-mail and web addresses for Massa Products Corp. The listing should read: sales@massa.com and www.massa.com .

  • p.174, listed incorrect phone and fax numbers for VMIC. The correct numbers are 256-880-0444 and 256-882-0859, respectively.

  • ITSEnclosures Inc. was left out of the buyer’s guide, published in July 2000. ITSEnclosures is located at 271 Westech Dr., Mt. Pleasant, PA, 15666; e-mail: info@itsenclosures.com ; web site: www.itsenclosures.com . This listing was added to the online version and can be viewed at www.controleng.com/buyersguide .