2008 New Product Award Nominees

By Control Engineering Staff February 1, 2009
POMStrace ** Honeywell Process Solutions www.honeywell.com/ps
Wonderware IntelaTrac* Wonderware www.wonderware.com
Data Acquisition
DT9837A Data Translation www.datatranslation.com
DXAdvanced R3 * Yokogawa www.yokogawa.com/us
ReDAQ SLX920 ** Dataforth Corp. www.dataforth.com
Design, Simulation
Eplan Electric P8 v1.9 ** Eplan Software & Services www.eplan.us
SimSci-Essor Inplant 4.1 Invensys Process Systems (IPS) www.ips.invensys.com
SolidWorks 2009 * Dassault Systemes SolidWorks www.solidworks.com

HMI Hardware
EZSeries * EZAutomation www.ezautomation.net
PanelMate ePro PS ** Eaton Corp. www.eaton.com
ProVu Precision Digital Corp. www.predig.com
SV-2400 LCD Touchscreen Stealth.Com Inc. www.stealth.com
UV1000 Universal Verbalizer Omega Engineering www.omega.com
Vision350 Unitronics www.unitronics.com
HMI Software
FactoryTalk View Machine Edition* Rockwell Automation www.rockwellautomation.com
FactoryTalk ViewPoint ** Rockwell Automation www.rockwellautomation.com
Genisis64 Iconics www.iconics.com
Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX 5.0 GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms www.gefanuc.com
Industrial PC
APL3000 Series ** Pro-face www.profaceamerica.com
Kontron Industrial Silent Server (KISS) Kontron www.kontron.com
PowerPanelPC * Modular Industrial Computers www.mic.com

Micro Motion 2-wire transmitter * Emerson Process Management, Micro Motion Division www.micromotion.com
Optimass 2000 Krohne Inc. www.krohne.com
SM Magnetic Inductive Flow Meter ifm efector inc. www.ifmefector.com
ST51 Flow Meter ** Fluid Components International (FCI) www.fluidcomponents.com
Process Sensors
Fluke Ti25 Thermal Imager * Fluke Corp. www.fluke.com
Saveris ** Testo Inc. www.testo.us
Slurrytrac CiDRA ww.cidra.com

Discrete Sensors
Multi-Code Reader ifm efector inc. www.ifm.com/us
OG-Cube ** ifm efector inc. www.ifmefector.com
R-Gage QT50R Sensor * Banner Engineering Corp. www.bannerengineering.com
Machine Vision
In-Sight Micro * Cognex www.cognex.com
IPD GigE VA61 Vision Appliance Dalsa www.goipd.com
NI Smart Camera Family ** National Instruments www.ni.com
CX1030 Embedded PC * (tie) Beckhoff Automation www.beckhoffautomation.com
Simatic ET 200S IM151-8 PN/DP ** Siemens Energy & Automation www.sea.siemens.com
The Click PLC * (tie) AutomationDirect www.automationdirect.com
CR6300 series ** (tie) CR Magnetics www.crmagnetics.com
EPower * Eurotherm www.eurotherm.com
Sitop ** (tie) Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. www.sea.siemens.com
Contactron Reversing Starter Phoenix Contact www.phoenixcontact.com
SafetyEye * Pilz Automation Safety LP www.pilz.com
Simatic Safety Matrix V6.1 ** Siemens Energy & Automation www.sea.siemens.com

AF-6 Series Drives * GE Consumer & Industrial www.geelectrical.com/drives
ION 3000 Digital Drive Performance Motion Devices, Inc. www.pmdcorp.com
MCA 121 EtherNet/IP Option** Danfoss Drives www.danfossdrives.com
Motion Controllers
Aries Controller Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division www.parkermotion.com
IndraControl MLC with Robotics * Bosch Rexroth – Electric Drives and Controls www.boschrexroth-us.com
MR-MQ100 Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. www.meau.com
Q170MCPU ** Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. www.meau.com
Motors, Motion
8KS series motor B&R Industrial Automation Corp. www.br-automation.com
Electric Monorail System ** SEW-Eurodrive www.seweurodrive.com
LaserTurn 1 * Aerotech Inc. www.aerotech.com

Net-Access Overhead Cable Routing System ** Panduit Corp. www.panduit.com
Net-Access Server Cabinet and Cooling Door Panduit Corp. www.panduit.com
Vortex A/C, Model #7770 * Vortec – ITW Air Management www.vortec.com
Ethernet Hardware
Compact Link Selector * B&R Industrial Automation Corp. www.br-automation.com
EK1501, EK1521 EtherCAT ** Beckhoff Automation www.beckhoffautomation.com
X20 Stand-alone hub B&R Industrial Automation Corp. www.br-automation.com
Ethernet Switches
750-871 Ethernet Programmable Fieldbus Controller ** Wago Corp. www.wago.us
EDS-G308 Ethernet Switch Moxa Americas Inc. www.moxa.com
Lanolinx LNX-1802GN Aaxeon Technologies Inc. https://aaxeon.com/
Stratix 8000 * Rockwell Automation www.rockwellautomation.com
I/O Systems
HART-enabled migration solution Invensys Process Systems, Foxboro www.ips.invensys.com
IO-Link Balluff www.balluff.com
IP67 Ethernet I/O Module ** Molex www.molex.com
Snap I/O for Allen-Bradley Systems * Opto 22 www.opto22.com
Network Hardware
MES Interface Applicance Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. www.meau.com
SeaLink USB Serial Adapters** Sealevel Systems Inc. www.sealevel.com
Versacard PCIe * Molex Inc. www.woodhead.com/
Signal Conditioning or Diagnostics
eNetMeter DN Molex Inc. molex.com
EtherStax Analog Input Modules ** Acromag www.acromag.com
miniMoore * Moore Industries www.miinet.com
Wireless, General
ConnectPort X4 NEMA ** Digi International www.digi.com
Ion Wireless Security Application * Apprion www.apprion.com
OnCell G3100 Moxa Technologies www.moxa.com
SAI Bluetooth Weidmuller www.weidmuller.com
Wireless, IEEE 802.11
AWK-3121 Moxa Technologies Inc. www.moxa.com
ILX34-AENWG * ProSoft Technology www.prosoft-technology.com
Intrinsically Safe Power over Ethernet MTL Inc. www.mtl-inst.com
MatchPort b/g Pro ** Lantronix www.lantronix.com

Note: Engineers’ Choice Award *winners and **honorable mentions designated below; all nominees product descriptions available online at www.controleng.com/awards
Control Systems
AC 700F * ABB www.abb.com/controlsystems
Centum VP Yokogawa www.yokogawa.com/us
Loop-Pro with NSS Modeling Control Station Inc. www.controlstation.com
SmartSignal Plant PlantAPS** SmartSignal Corp. www.smartsignal.com