2017 Engineering Leaders Under 40

Control Engineering and Plant Engineering are honored to have discovered and to serve the 35 engineering professionals named as this year’s Engineering Leaders Under 40.

By Sierra Grayson and Amanda Pelliccione, CFE Media LLC September 14, 2017

There are three building blocks to becoming a successful and impactful Engineering Leader Under 40: education, workplace contributions, and engineering community participation. These key identifiers, along with a few other unique attributes, are clearly represented by the Class of 2017.


The 2017 Engineering Leaders Under 40 are well educated, each of whom have earned a degree in at least one engineering discipline. In total, this year’s Leaders hold 48 academic degrees: 3 associates, 31 bachelor’s, 13 master’s, and 1 doctoral. The most studied disciplines among the Leaders are electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and computer or software engineering.

Workplace contributions

The engineering community as a collective would agree that being detail-oriented is a must in this field, and the Class of 2017 takes this skill to the next level, applying it to each project and pushing themselves—and their companies—further ahead of the competition. Among other impressive achievements, this year’s Leaders are developing solutions to reduces cost and improve product quality, founding holistic cybersecurity platforms, and keeping workers safe on the job.

Community involvement

The Class of 2017 has been working hard to inspire the next generation of engineers. Whether through volunteer work or mentoring youth and colleagues, each Leader has been making their mark on the future of engineering outside of their work day responsibilities. A few examples of this commitment include developing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs for K-8 children; coaching a high school FIRST robotics team; growing programs to encourage female engineering students; building houses with Habitat for Humanity; and teaching Cub Scouts how to design and build video games.

The 2017 Engineering Leaders Under 40 will be honored at the 2018 Engineering Awards in Manufacturing dinner hosted by CFE Media in early Spring 2017, in downtown Chicago. For information on how to nominate for 2018, visit www.plantengineering.com/EngineeringLeaders. Sierra Grayson, Amanda Pelliccione, Mark Hoske, and Bob Vavra are CFE Media staff involved in this year’s program management, selection, writing, and editing.

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