2021 Engineering Leader Under 40: Daniel Ragozzino, 26

Daniel Ragozzino, 26. Controls Engineer, Patti Engineering, Indianapolis, IN, United States. BS Electrical Engineering Technology, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis.

By CFE Media September 8, 2021
Daniel Ragozzino, 26 Controls Engineer Patti Engineering

Daniel Ragozzino, 26
Controls Engineer
Patti Engineering
Indianapolis, IN, United States
BS Electrical Engineering Technology, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis

Why should this person be recognized for this award?

Dan is a thoughtful engineer who has consistently demonstrated a willingness to volunteer for the more challenging projects and support his team members without being asked. Dan has stepped in and finished projects when others have balked. For prolonged customer support deployments, Dan has graciously volunteered to work on behalf of his team members so that they could attend to personal needs or other commitments. Dan is reliable. If he says that he will do something, it is done. Dan is usually not satisfied with the superficial outcomes. He often seeks to think through implications that might undermine customer objectives.

Achievements, Advancement & Career-related Industry Contributions

Dan had developed expertise with UHF RFID for manufacturing and asset tracking applications. Dan has implemented RFID systems in multiple industries such as automotive, beverage, and packaging. Dan also has participated and spearheaded UHF RFID application engineering studies including developing a performance benchmark for reading through stacks of cardboard. In addition to developing a robust understanding of RFID physics and implementation challenges, Dan has grown his asset tracking related skillset by implementing projects with automated barcode label creating and printing and inkjet printing onto products as they are manufactured. Beyond asset tracking, Dan has achieved competency designing and implementing Rockwell Automation and Siemens factory control systems. Dan recently concluded a project where he led a small team of engineers in the development and implementation of an automated oven tending system which included several conveyors, multiple robots, gantries, multiple PLCs and HMIs. This project afforded Dan the opportunity to strengthen his controls abilities as well as gain valuable experience with implementing vision inspection and servo motion control.

Non-work-related Activities & Hobbies

Dan enjoys the outdoors: hiking, camping, watersports, hunting, and anything else that gets him outside. He says that he has always had a love of the outdoors and getting to be in and enjoy nature. As for why, he suggests that it goes back to his parents always getting him and his siblings out of the house when they were young. He says that they always entertained themselves by exploring and finding new and interesting things. He says that he carried that into his scouting career, where he was able to enjoy the outdoors with other scouts.

Interesting Details

  • Dan earned much of his way through his university education by working at FedEx at the airport in Indianapolis, Indiana. He often leverages those experiences as a FedEx team leader in his engineering career. Those experiences have helped him be more considerate of the end users of his engineering work.
  • He often considers whether his designs make the user experience better or worse. Dan has a high level of self-efficacy and has a strong sense of ownership. These two traits materialize into a young man who is confident and does not deflect blame or hardship to others during tough times.

Why did they choose this career?

In Dan’s words: “I chose engineering because I never wanted to be bored. Engineering by nature, at least from my perspective, is finding new and interesting ways to solve problems. System integration, specifically, has exposed me to so many new and interesting ideas and technologies, presented me with unique challenges, and opportunities to explore, grow, and solve problems through a process of personal discovery. Engineering has also given me opportunities to meet and interact with so many people with different perspectives and different approaches to problems.”

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