2022 Engineering Leader Under 40: Jennifer Ryan, 27

Jennifer Ryan, Project Engineer, Applied Control Engineering, Newark, DE

By CFE Media September 6, 2022
Jennifer Ryan, Project Engineer, Applied Control Engineering, Newark, DE

Jennifer Ryan, 27
Project Engineer
Applied Control Engineering
Newark, DE, United States
BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware

Why Jennifer is an Engineering Leader

Jennifer Ryan has an impressive array of skills. She supports clients in multiple industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical and power generation and has gained trust with her deep knowledge in technologies such as DCSs, PLCs, SCADA systems and MES. Her engineering skills and personal dedication ensures that her customer’s project expectations are always exceeded. Jennifer is currently taking on a new challenge of expanding ACE’s footprint to a new market in the Denver, Colorado, area. She is constantly working to develop new relationships with customers, vendors and distributors while still fostering those already established.

Achievements, Advancement & Career-related Industry Contributions

During college, Jennifer had an internship at a power plant operations company where she was exposed to the automation world, specifically DCSs, and immediately knew that it was the career path she wanted for herself. Since then, she has become a control systems expert at ACE and works to inspire younger engineers by acting as a mentor and leading by example. Her experience ranges from boiler applications to high level historians. In 2021, she led a team of six ACE engineers, on a project where ACE acted as an owner’s representative and project manager for a customer who was modernizing their DCS. She led the charge to ensure that documentation and validation efforts remained on track for this pharmaceutical client. The team included engineers at ACE of various experience levels but ended up being a learning experience for everyone. Jennifer continues to shine and remains one of ACE’s most requested technical leads, as a favorite among project managers. She has also taken on business development tasks in the new-to-ACE Denver market with an energy and tenacity that is not common among her peers.

Non-work-related Activities & Hobbies

Since moving to the Denver, Colorado, area in June of 2021, Jennifer has gotten involved in the local rock climbing community and enjoys climbing outdoors. She loves problem-solving her way up a route on the side of a mountain and making friends in the community. On a typical Saturday, you can find her in the mountains with a helmet and harness on ready to take on the next problem.

Interesting Details

Jennifer and her husband have a passion for the outdoors and enjoy camping whenever they have the time. While following this passion, Jennifer and her husband worked to convert a used van into their own mobile camper. When working from home, Jennifer enjoys sharing an office with her three office mates: a chocolate lab and two cats.

Why Jennifer chose this career

“A controls engineering career path is extremely rewarding,” said Jennifer. “I thoroughly enjoying spending months designing, implementing and testing boiler controls for a boiler control system modernization project and then seeing it work on site. Seeing a PLC and HMI work together to make steam is a basic example of how exciting this job can be. It becomes even more exciting when one day I am working on boiler controls and the next a dust collector system at a chocolate factory. Every day is different and rewarding in its own way.”

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