60 kW, 60,000 rpm OEM rotor/stator set

By Control Engineering Staff April 1, 2000

Acton, Mass .-ExSell Motors, a division of ExSell Inc., announces a new induction motor with continuous duty power output of 60 kW, at 60,000 rpm top speed. Called the 60/60, the motor is now available as a rotor/stator set for OEMs. Maximum motor torque developed is 9.55 Nm.

Originally made to run high-speed machine tool spindles for machining aircraft wing spars, the 60/60 is ideal for any application requiring high speed as well as high power, says ExSell Motors. Finite element methods optimize motor design to obtain the required stiffness and minimize electrical losses. Also, special materials are used to achieve the very high peripheral speed.

More than a year in development at E+A (Elektromaschinen und Antriebe) of Mohlin, Switzerland), ExSell Motors provides the 60/60 as a rotor stator set for OEMs to design their own motor package. E+A is a major international supplier of high-speed, high-power motors for machine tool spindles.

In these specific applications, the OEM performs final machining on the rotor and stator, designs the bearing system, shrinks the shaft into the rotor-shaft can be up to 1.97 in. OD-designs the cooling jacket, and balances and assembles/aligns the motor. If required by the customer, ExSell Motors can also supply the completed motor, integrate it with a controller, and do custom design to fit a particular form factor.

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