7 tips for CRM integration: QuoteWerks, SugarCRM

QuoteWerks and SugarCRM partner to deliver sales quoting efficiencies to the Open Source and On-Demand CRM communities.
July 8, 2009

Aspire Technologies QuoteWerks integrates with SugarCRM
Aspire Technologies Inc., a provider of sales quoting software solutions for the global small and mid-markets, announced its newly developed QuoteWerks integration with SugarCRM (Commercial Open Source CRM) and a new partnership with the leading provider of open source CRM solutions for small, medium, and large enterprises worldwide. Under terms of the partnership, announced July 8, QuoteWerks will be offered through the SugarExchange marketplace .

How a tightly integrated CRM can help

The following advice for customer relationship management (CRM) integration is based on features of the new Aspire Technologies QuoteWerks integration for SugarCRM. Tightly integrated CRM can help manufacturing processes by:

• Searching the CRM database for a contact or account to use in the quote;
• Creating a note record for the contact, save it with the quote, and make it available for review and modification later;
• Creating or updating a sales opportunity when saving a quote;
• Converting the quote to an order when a sale is made and close the sales opportunity as a "closed as won" sale.
• Offering to schedule a follow up call when saving a quote or revision;
• Inserting data fields into the print layout as needed; and
• Pulling lookup list information from the CRM.

Aspire Technologies QuoteWerks SugarCRM search contact
The QuoteWerks integration for SugarCRM is included in Build 47, which was commercially released July 8 by Aspire Technologies. Aspire Technologies explains more about QuoteWerks and SugarCRM integration .

"Sales quoting and CRM go hand in hand," said Keith Carrington, vice president of sales and marketing for Aspire Technologies. "Companies want to have a seamless, accurate, and efficient sales quoting process which makes use of vital customer and sales opportunity data that typically reside in disparate CRM, Accounting, and quoting systems. This integration makes it possible to achieve both quoting automation and a competitive advantage affordably and with minimal effort," Carrington says. QuoteWerks integrates with SugarCRM versions 5.1 and 5.2 including Community, Express, Professional, and Enterprise editions.

"The market for on-demand CRM applications such as SugarCRM is expected to grow by an estimated CAGR of 17.4% between now and 2013," said Carrington. SugarCRM currently has over 500,000 users in 195 countries, while QuoteWerks has 50,000 users in 101 countries. Given the seamless integration between the two applications, both companies anticipate strong demand for their products across multiple industries and markets.

– Edited by Mark T. Hoske, electronic products editor, MBT www.mbtmag.com