AB Fair 2004: Hardy Instruments debuts tension control products

Orlando, FL—Hardy Instruments launched its new tension control products at Rockwell Automation's Allen-Bradley Automation Fair 2004, Oct. 27-28, at the Orange County Convention Center.

By Control Engineering Staff November 2, 2004

Orlando, FL— Hardy Instruments launched its new tension control products at Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Bradley Automation Fair 2004 , Oct. 27-28, at the Orange County Convention Center. This product line includes Hardy’s new closed-loop Tension Controller, which provides precision control over unwinding and rewinding in web- and strand-processing applications.

At the front end of the control system, Hardy’s strain gage and LVDT load cells measure the actual tension of the product, which eliminates common problems found in web and strand processes, including feathering, breaking, wrinkling or blocking.

While the standard Tension Controller has a dual 4-20 mA output and Ethernet TCP/IP interface, optional network interfaces are also available, including Allen-Bradley Remote I/O, DeviceNet, Profibus, ControlNet, and Modbus TCP.

Hardy’s tension control solutions also incorporate the following features:

Waversaver, which ignores machine vibration to provide an accurate signal, and optimizes consistency, accuracy, and product quality.

C2 electronic calibration, which calibrates without using test weights, and eliminates extensive downtime and improves productivity.

Secure Memory Module (SMM), which automatically backs configuration data, and provides secure, continuous back up of crucial process information.

Hardy-Links Communications, which interacts with the process via keypad, plant network, Palm PDA, or over the plant network via an Internet browser.

E-mail Client, which automatically receive e-mails, text messages, or pages when key events occur in the tension control system.

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