ABB to sell training unit

By Control Engineering Staff December 14, 2005

Norwalk, CT — In first-quarter 2006, according to BusinessWire, ABB will sell its Houston, TX-based Operator Training Simulation business (OTS) to Societe de Realisations en Systemique Industrielle (RSI) , a subsidiary of IFP Investments.

“We will continue offering operator training simulation systems to the marketplace as part of ABB’s more comprehensive industrial-automation portfolio,” said Roger Bailey, vice president of ABB and head of its North American Process Automation unit. We believe we can best meet our customers’ unique needs by partnering with companies such as RSI.”

“We are excited about our acquisition of ABB’s OTS as it strengthens RSI’s leading position in the operator-training-and-simulation market,” said Philippe Vacher, RSI’s Chief Executive Officer. “RSI is committed to provide ABB customers with outstanding service support worldwide.”

RSI provides simulation products and services including operator training simulation to the oil-and-gas, hydrocarbon processing, and petrochemical industries. It has offices and engineering centers in France and China, and aims to establish an engineering center in Houston.

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— Richard Phelps , senior editor, Control Engineering