AC current displays, low cost, visual current indicators

The CurrentMark Series by CR Magnetics are designed to provide indications and measurement of electrical current flow and come in three models with different types of visual indicators.

September 10, 2012

CR Magnetics recently introduced the CurrentMark Series of self powered, non-contact AC Current Displays which are designed as a low cost method for providing visual indications and measurement of electrical current flow.

The key features of the new CurrentMark AC Current Displays are low cost and self-powering with three types of visual indicators in a compact size. Major applications are to monitor status of heater elements, to observe remote loads, to indicate phase loss and to monitor motor operation.

  • CM1000 Series – 7 LED Color Indicator
  • CM2000 Series – Color Lite Bar
  • CM3000 Series – LCD Display

The New Technology CR Magnetics CurrentMark Series of AC Current Displays have overall casing sizes of 3.16”W. x 1.79” H.

CR Magnetics