Agile acquires Cimmetry Systems

San Jose, CA; Montreal, Ontario, Canada—Agile Software Corp. reports that it has acquired Cimmetry Systems Inc. for approximately $41.5 million in cash.

By Control Engineering Staff February 8, 2005

San Jose, CA; Montreal, Ontario, Canada— Agile Software Corp. reports that it has acquired Cimmetry Systems Inc. for approximately $41.5 million in cash. Agile provides product lifecycle management solutions.

Established2-D and 3-D mechanical CAD (MCAD) and electronic design automation (EDA/ECAD) information across the extended enterprise. Cimmetry’s solu-tions support more than 450 native formats, including AutoCAD, Cadence, CATIA, Inventor, Microsoft Office, MicroStation, Mentor, Pro/Engineer, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, UG NX and Zuken. Cimmetry’s solutions also make design information available to technical and non-engineering users, including stakeholders without requiring specialized, expensive CAD tools.

‘In addition to the broad trend towards outsourced design and manufacturing, most new products include electronic and mechanical content. Manufacturers want to ensure that their product record represents the complete product, which has become increasingly difficult because of issues around synchronizing data generated by proprietary MCAD and EDA applications,’ says Bryan Stolle, Agile’s CEO. ‘Cimmetry is a leader in providing data format-agnostic collaborative visualization solutions, and their products have gained widespread acceptance across multiple industries as evidenced by their broad customer base. We have been partnering with Cimmetry for a number of years to solve critical viewing and collaboration issues, and we’re pleased to welcome them into the Agile fold.’

Ed Miller, president of CIMdata, an industry analyst, adds that, ‘Agile’s acquisition of Cimmetry is a good strategic move, and should be good for customers of both groups. Collaborative visualization is a critical PLM infrastructure component, and Cimmetry is an industry technology leader in this area. This move shows Agile’s continued commitment to building a comprehensive PLM solution. Collaborative visualization tools enable a much broader set of people to drive critical product decisions based, not just on textual information, but also on 2-D and 3-D visualizations of the product. By enabling more users to participate in product decisions, solutions like Cimmetry’s deliver significant value to companies focused on quality, time-to-market, and meeting the customers’ needs with innovative solutions.’

A recent CIMData report adds that, ‘As PLM solutions have grown in scope, and are increasingly focused on providing enterprise support, visualization tools have become a critical component of more and more implementations. Like Web technology, which helps to disseminate information more effectively, visualization tools provide a relatively simple, less expensive way of expanding the value of PLM to people in the enterprise who otherwise would probably not have convenient online access to product data. By enabling more users to become active more quickly, visualization tools can provide a ‘jump start’ in achieving early PLM benefits for an organization.’

Faycal Kahloun, Cimmetry’s president, ‘Agile is a world class PLM provider with which Cimmetry has had an excellent business relationship over the years. Like Cimmetry, Agile is committed to several core business values: strong customer relationships, high customer satisfaction, fast time-to-value, and production-proven, best practice solutions that help customers produce measurable business results,’ said. ‘As part of Agile, Cimmetry customers will continue to have access to leading edge collaborative visualization technology with which they are familiar, and we look forward to developing and delivering even more value in our AutoVue product line as we continue to lead this market.’

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