American Innovations acquires Envirosense

Houston, TX—American Innovations Ltd. (AI) and Envirosense LLC report that AI has acquired Envirosense's assets for an undisclosed sum.

By Control Engineering Staff November 30, 2004

Houston, TX— American Innovations Ltd. (AI) and Envirosense LLC report that AI has acquired Envirosense’s assets for an undisclosed sum. As a result, Envirosense’s product lines will be managed out of AI’s office in Austin. Key employees in Envirosense’s sales and service have been employed by AI, and the companies have signed a consulting agreement for services from Julius Fourie, Envirosense’s president and founder.

Fourie established Envirosense in 2001 to commercialize improved current interruption technology. The company reports that its first product, Model 200 interrupter, developed a strong following due to its performance and interference analysis capabilities. Based on Model 200 technology, Envirosense created a miniaturized interrupter, MicroMax, which was reportedly the first choice of the oil and gas industry due to its small size, application flexibility, and low cost.

When coupled with a remote monitoring unit, such as AI’s Bullhorn wireless remote monitor, MicroMax allows remote interruption of rectifiers, so that field personnel can easily complete IR-free corrosion surveys without the hours or days of set up required when using portable interrupters.

‘Adding Envirosense to the American Innovations family is a natural fit,’ says Rich Smalling, AI’s president. ‘Our pipeline clients are seeing an increasing need for current interruption, and we believe the Envirosense products are best in class. Coupling those interrupters with the Bullhorn monitoring system will allow us to provide a complete suite of solutions to our clients.’

AI’s Bullhorn monitors pipeline rectifiers and test points, compressors, tanks, city gates, gas meters and more. Bullhorn uses the MicroBurst wireless network from and the Inmarsat D+ satellite network from Skywave to transfer information from remote equipment to a central database. In seconds, data packets are transferred from the Bullhorn unit over the wireless networks to AI’s secure website, where packets are decoded, and the data is posted for users to view or download.

Envirosense uses the Orbcomm satellite network, which will be integrated into the Bullhorn system.

‘I’m pleased that AI will continue the work that Envirosense started. AI has a strong reputation in the industry because they sell and support reliable products that make the corrosion professional’s life easier,’ says Fourie. ‘With the addition of synchronized interruption technology, AI will have the ability to offer pipeline customers the full array of remote monitoring products from monitor only to remote synchronized interruption. Customers will choose which technology is suitable for them.’

Control Engineering Daily News DeskJim Montague, news