Apparel domain: Partnership promises seamless PLM-to-ERP solution, end to end

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff January 8, 2009

Zweave and Transweave report a proprietary methodology for rapid, inexpensive, and enterprisewide implementation of seamless ERP/product life-cycle management (PLM) combined software solution for apparel retailers and manufacturers.
TransWeave’s apparel domain and implementation expertise joins with Zweave’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based PLM and SAP ERP apparel footwear solutions (AFS) to provide a powerful best-in-class, industry-specific solution for PLM.
“Transweave’s initial business model was to provide implementation of SAP’s ERP IS Retail and Wholesale Distribution and manufacturing solution for our apparel retail and manufacturing clients,” says Mumtaz Kutty, CEO, Transweave. “Our clients quickly told us that they wanted more: They wanted an end-to-end solution—one that managed seasonality, trends, and everything from Concept to Design [PLM], as well as planning and execution. We chose Zweave’s PLM because, more than any other option in the market, it is easy to use, easy to implement, and is designed specifically for the apparel industry.”
Zweave’s solution consists of 16 modular “studios” that work seamlessly together while allowing for segmentation of work by task and job function. The results are an easy to use system that is both efficient and powerful. Zweave PLM has complete functionality in trend, merchandising, color, fabric, material, fit, design, graphics, packaging, samples, costing, vendor management, production, marketing materials, and showroom.
Data from across the entire system seamlessly flows back and forth into SAP providing the data that the ERP system relies on for advanced sourcing, costing, supply chain management, and financial planning.