Application and Programming Software Award Winners

By Control Engineering Staff February 1, 2009

Application Software

Wonderware IntelaTrac


Wonderware IntelaTrac is a mobile workforce and decision support system. Using IntelaTrac on mobile computers for equipment surveillance opens the door to an intelligent work process that takes advantage of new sensors, portable best practices, historical data and embedded, expert knowledge to improve operators’ decision making. Wonderware IntelaTrac is built on the latest Microsoft technologies to ensure a secure, robust and scalable solution that integrates seamlessly with a company’s existing environment. The system has been selected by five of the eight largest integrated oil and gas companies, more than 40 of the top 100 global refineries, more than 30 of the top 100 global chemical companies, and by utilities that power more than 64.5 million homes.


POMStrace – Honeywell Process Solutions

POMStrace reduces efforts to maintain and track inventory records for supplies used in clinical trials, as well as managing patient kits and supplies required to execute trials.

Data Acquisition DAQstation DXAdvanced R3


DAQstation DXAdvanced R3 is a network-enabled, data acquisition and display station with universal inputs, secure data recording, and custom display graphics capability. DXAdvanced models are used widely in conventional and nuclear power plant control rooms. New functions make the unit a highly integrated, stand-alone solution to a range of measurement and recording applications. Functions include alarm annunciator display modes with real-time data display and recording. A new multi-batch option supports up to 12 independently controlled recording sessions. New EtherNet/IP protocol support simplifies installation on control networks where the unit can add expansion I/O, data display and secure data archiving functions to a common PLC.


ReDAQ supervisory control and data acquisition software combines with Dataforth’s isoLynx SLX200 data acquisition hardware to provide SCADA solutions for many rugged industrial applications.

Design/Simulation SolidWorks 2009

SolidWorks Corp.

SolidWorks 2009 3D CAD software helps users transform their innovative ideas into intelligent 3D models ready for manufacturing. SolidWorks 2009 Premium is the newest version of the software, with a documented speed increase of up to 65% over SolidWorks 2008. According to SolidWorks Corp. a division of Dassault Systemes, no 3D CAD software is faster or easier to use in helping users transform their innovative ideas into intelligent 3D models that are ready for manufacturing. The new software reflects an intensive R&D effort focused directly on performance, which company research revealed is designers’ and engineers’ most valued CAD software trait.

HONORABLE MENTION EPLAN Electric P8 v1.9 – EPLAN Software and Services

Electrical CAD/CAE software for efficient and accurate controls design and documentation with integration to fluid power and process control design and third-party enterprise systems.