Apps for Engineers: Conversion applications

CFE Media’s Apps for Engineers is an interactive directory of engineering-related applications for iOS and Android operating systems from various companies. We’ve organized apps by category, company, and type. This month, see these engineering conversion apps.

September 13, 2014

Unit Conversion FLIB

Android: 4.0+

Cost: Free

Company: Ten Days One App

Flib is a unit conversion app that learns as you use it. With multiple converters to choose from Flib also auto arrange the 12 most used on its main screen for convenience.

Convert Everything — Converter

Android: 2.2+

Cost: Free

Company: Fluffy Delusions 

Convert Everything provides the ability to convert and calculate units ranging from Angular Acceleration to magnetic flux density.

Convertible: Ultimate Unit Converter — Convert the normal and the not-so-normal

iOS: 7.0+

Cost: 1.99

Company: Efecto Pty Ltd.

Convertible is a conversion application, unique due to the way it visualizes the data it processes. Capable of converting length, area, energy, torque and many others.


iOS: 6.0+

Cost: Free

Company: xNeat

Converter+ is a simple, elegant unit conversion app focused on a simple, usable and beautiful experience.

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