Apps for Engineers: Electrical reference

CFE Media’s Apps for Engineers is an interactive directory of engineering-related applications for iOS and Android operating systems from various companies. We’ve organized apps by category, company, and type. This month, see these electrical reference apps.

By CFE Media October 14, 2014

Electrical Wiring Pro

Android 1.6+, iOS

Cost: $3.99, $1.99

Company: Intineo LLC

Electrical Wiring Pro consists of 0ver 40 Useful Electrical Calculators & Tools. It is intended for engineers and other Electrical Professionals. Users gain access reference features like Residential/Load Calculations, Ampacity/Wire Size and more.

Electronic Toolbox Pro

iOS: 6.1+

Cost: $6.99

Company: Marcus Roskosch

This application provides users at any level quality calculations and reference for various electrical professions and skill sets. It provides users with over 72 different tools like the NE555 Circuit Calculator and the passive cooling calculator.

Electrical Pro

Android: 4.0+

Cost: $2.00

Company: Comoving Magnetics

This suite features 5 sub applications that use the 2008/2011 NEC electrical code. Areas covered include: Bury depth, box/conduit fill, fault, voltage drop, and wire ampacity calculations as well as an NEC motor table look-up reference.

Analog electronics Toolbox

Android: 3.2+

Cost: $4.07


Analog Electronic Toolbox is an app that combines electronic reference material with calculation and conversion tools. The app gives users a collection of the most important electrical information right at their fingertips for professionals and hobbyists alike.

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