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July 19, 2014

Fluke Connect

iOS 7.0+

Cost: Free

Company: Fluke Corp.

Fluke Connect allows the user to stay in contact with one’s his or her team without leaving the field. With more than 20 connectable tools, confidently diagnosing and solving problems has never been easier. Users can trend data over time, identifying and stopping problems before they happen. In addition, a cloud storage feature offers users privacy and security.


Android 2.3+, iOS 5.1+

Cost: Free/$64.99

Company: LogMeIn Inc. 

Remotely access your PC and Mac devices using Wi-Fi/3G with LogMeIn. The file manager allows users to save files directly on their mobile devices so they can work on them offline. Users can move and copy files between personal and work computers/devices. The cloud bank integration links up with popular cloud services. In addition, the photo app management tool makes it easy to access and transfer photos between the photo app on one’s iPad/iPhone and the LogMeIn app.

Cisco WebEx Meetings  

Android 2.1+, iOS 6.0+, Blackberry 10

Cost: Free

Company: Cisco 

Users can join or schedule any web conference from their mobile devices. This app offers mobile video conferencing with high-quality, multipoint video, voice-activated video switching, and the option to view content and video simultaneously (on iPad only). In addition to video conferencing, the app offers has file-sharing capabilities and host account capabilities.

Wi-Fi Finder

Android, iOS 5.0+

Cost: Free

Company: JiWire

Quickly and easily find free or paid Wi-Fi to stay connected to your team while you travel. Users are able to download all of the locations offline so they know how to stay connected when on the road. Using the GPS function on one’s mobile device, the Wi-Fi finder will tell users exactly where the closest Wi-Fi hotspot is and how to get there. If users prefer certain providers, they’ll be able to see what hotspots are served by those specific providers.

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