Autodesk offers Sustainable Materials Assistant

The Sustainable Materials Assistant helps answer important sustainability questions, comply with environmental regulations such as WEEE and RoHS, and deal with common engineering problems like minimizing energy use or reduce overbuilding.

By Control Engineering Staff January 20, 2009

San Rafael, CA– The Sustainable Materials Assistant is an Autodesk Inventor software add-in that helps manufacturers make more responsible material choices that can reduce their product’s environmental impact while still meeting critical performance requirements.y use or reduce overbuilding.
Currently offered as an extension to the Digital Prototyping solution as a free software add-in available on Autodesk Labs , the Sustainable Materials Assistant features:

  • Expanded Materials Library:

  • Sustainability Report Function:entally responsible product decisions.

Autodesk claims it is the first major CAD vendor to offer this type of solution. For more information, visit
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