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Automation company donates design and robotics laboratory

Omron donated a design and robotics laboratory to the University of Houston, which consists of workstations and equipment designed to give students the opportunity to prepare for real-world engineering challenges.
By Omron Automation Americas May 31, 2019
Omron Foundation, the charitable arm of the U.S.-based operations of industrial automation solutions provider Omron, donated a new laboratory complete with workstations and state-of-the-art equipment to give University of Houston students the opportunity to prepare for real-world engineering challenges. Courtesy: Omron Automation

The University of Houston’s Cullen College of Engineering recently unveiled a cutting-edge laboratory donated by the Omron Foundation, the charitable arm of automation solutions provider Omron in the United States. Designed for electrical and computer engineering students, the lab includes advanced technologies and equipment.

UH faculty and Omron representatives looked at a variety of senior capstone projects during the opening ceremony, including a sorting robot and a mobile robotic billboard. The lab contains an area dedicated to senior design projects, which provides real world design experience, which is helpful for gaining employment after graduation.

“Prospective employers will expect them to speak intelligently about what they worked on for their design project so the experience they gain at this stage is very important,” said Len Trombetta, the associate department chair. “This makes our graduates very marketable because these are skills companies want. We’re grateful to Omron for making this possible.”

Omron Automation Americas President, CEO and COO Robb Black described the importance of preparing today’s students for the latest challenges in engineering and manufacturing.

“We want to bring the skills they have learned in school into the manufacturing sector,” Black said. “I think it’s a great way for students to learn real-world technology and apply it once they leave.”

Omron Foundation has been supporting the Cullen College’s electrical and computer engineering students since 2010, when it established the Omron Scholarship in electrical engineering and sponsored a team of students applying their engineering knowledge to real-world industry problems in the Capstone Design course. Omron also provides one-on-one mentoring to UH engineering students.

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– Edited from an Omron press release by CFE Media. See more Control Engineering workforce development stories.

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