Automation Fair 2003: Distributing real-time data through the enterprise

Milwaukee, WI—Rockwell Automation exhibited two information delivery solutions at Automation Fair 2003, FactoryTalk and ViewAnyWare, which allow users to view and act on real-time data.

By Control Engineering Staff November 25, 2003

Milwaukee, WI— Manufacturers know plant information is a valuable asset in decision making. Access to relevant data can help optimize production, reduce start-up and design times, improve uptime and impact areas of manufacturing that drive revenue. Rockwell Automation exhibited two information deliver solutions at Automation Fair 2003 that allow users view and act on real-time data.

‘Traditionally, companies have been able to connect some pieces of information by tying together multiple independent systems,’ says Nicole Denil, Rockwell Software’s marketing manager.

More effective information delivery solutions go beyond the old concept of simply sending plant level information to business systems. Today’s solutions use a concept of reusing and sharing components to deliver only the right information to the people and systems that need it. And, information can be managed so it is delivered at the time, location, and by the delivery method required by the recipient.

Rockwell Automation offers two parallel architectures that support the data transfer and visualization aspects of effective information delivery: FactoryTalk and ViewAnyWare.

FactoryTalk is a scalable manufacturing information platform that integrates manufacturing applications seamlessly throughout the enterprise, providing information transparency for decision-making. The enabling technologies within FactoryTalk allow users to define information once, and share it across multiple applications.

ViewAnyWare lets users decide which visualization platform is best for each user in the enterprise. Delivering information to the platform has been simplified, using a common design-time environment that allows users to develop one HMI application that can be deployed on any Rockwell HMI platform. It bridges the gap between machine- and supervisory-level applications to provide a common experience across all Rockwell HMI products.

By combining these platforms with information-based applications, such as Rockwell Software, RSBizWare, RSView and RSProduction Portal; Allen-Bradley hardware Interfaces, such as VersaView; and open technologies such as XML, web services and terminal services, users can create an information-sharing environment that allows them to access and view the exact information they need, as it becomes available, to make informed business decisions.

Control Engineering Daily News Desk
Jim Montague, news editor