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Chicago — Rockwell Automation used Automation Fair 2007 to make known its capabilities in process industries, including life sciences, oil and gas, and food and beverage industries. Sessions covered topics like “MES solutions in the food and beverage industry.” Announcements covered Rockwell's suite of process application technologies, hardware, software, Pavilion Technologies and ICS Triplex acquisitions, and activities with Endress + Hauser.
By Control Engineering Staff November 16, 2007

Chicago, IL nces, oil and gas, and food and beverage industries. Technology sessions and workshops covered topics like “MES solutions in the food and beverage industry.” Announcements from Rockwell extended the company’s suite of process application capabilities with new hardware and software, and presentations explained the benefits of the Pavilion Technologies and ICS Triplex acquisitions, as well as partnership activities with Endress + Hauser.

“Rockwell Automation is focused on closing the gap between discrete and process control applications to provide truly integrated plant-wide control,” said Kevin Zaba, director of

Process Automation, Rockwell Automation

. “Through new products, key partnerships and acquisitions, we are helping manufacturers leverage the efficiencies, cost-savings and reliability of a single unified control platform– from process control to high-speed packaging to coordinated drive systems.”

At the event, visitors had a chance to view the latest process solution technologies, which include:

Compliance solutions . In November 2007, Rockwell Automation acquired Pavilion Technologies, a recognized leader in advanced process control, production optimization and environmental compliance solutions. Pavilion is well-known to major customers in consumer products, oil and gas, chemicals and other process industries. According to a spokesperson, Pavilion software gives context to the wealth of plant-floor data that Logix Control Platform products gather. The software products eventually will be integrated into the


integrated production and performance suite, as well as the Logix Control Platform, he said.

Fault tolerant solutions . Completed in July 2007, the acquisition of

ICS Triplex

expands the Rockwell Automation portfolio of process control and safety solutions for high availability, fault-tolerant applications. It assists Rockwell Automation in offering a full-featured package for process manufacturers and delivering an end-to-end solution that helps customers derive maximum productivity and profitability from their plants, said a spokesperson.

Historical data management .

FactoryTalk Historian SE collects high-speed, detailed data from any control system or human-machine interface (HMI) software, and provides manufacturers with sophisticated data analysis and reporting capabilities across both process and discrete applications. This new application builds off historian “middleware” technology licensed from


. FactoryTalk Historian SE provides the capability to collect, store, analyze and visualize data using a powerful engine and a set of reporting tools, including an easy method of generating reports using Microsoft Excel.

More robust process PAC
. The latest extension to the

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix family of controllers

, ControlLogix L64, features 16 MB of memory– twice the capacity of the most powerful existing model – for data-intensive applications requiring higher memory capacity. A spokesperson said this programmable automation controller (PAC) allows for more efficient use of system capacity with the centralization of applications, such as alarming, that in the past was shared by external devices like HMI. For information-intensive applications, such as batch processing, the ControlLogix PAC provides larger storage capacity to locally store more data, enabling the user to switch recipes to meet production line demands.

Integrated instrumentation . Announced in 2006, Rockwell Automation’s alliance with

Endress + Hauser

provides manufacturers with a wide range of pre-integrated, pretested, standards-based measurement, automation and information solutions by leveraging process instruments from Endress+Hauser. In the past year, dozens of joint customer solutions were implemented around the globe in many process industries, said a spokesperson.

Asset management . The FactoryTalk AssetCentre change management solution from Rockwell Automation provides a set of asset-centric tools to help users securely and centrally manage their factory and process automation production environments. This new application includes four key areas of functionality: security, disaster recovery, binary file archiving, and change management (audit trail of application changes).

Manufacturing execution system (MES). As part of Rockwellprovement, business risk management and quality assurance.

Alarms and events : Combined with RSLogix 5000 alarm instructions, FactoryTalk Alarms allows multiple FactoryTalk products to participate together in a common, consistent view of alarms and events occurring throughout an entire FactoryTalk system.

Other highlights .

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