Automation Integrator Guide 2010

Supplement to December 2009 Control Engineering

August 15, 2010

Control Engineering – December 2009 supplement

What you’ll find in this guide

When you’ve got a problem—or a project—and you need a specific resource to help you tackle it, who do you call? Thousands of manufacturing professionals dial the number of an automation system integrator. To help you find exactly the right one, Control Engineering created the Automation Integrator Guide (click here to search for integrators online) in 1993.

Excellence in Automation – COVER STORY

    • How to Develop a Project Execution Plan
    • Bottom Line-driven Integration
    • Ventura Foods: Flexible Batch Control
    • Petrochemical Efficiency
    • Corrugator Retrofit
    • Transitions & new initiatives – Comments from CSIA
    • Turnkey High-pressure Simulation System